All Eyes on Art: Upcoming Collections to Watch the Week of May 13

BY Steven Miller

May 14, 2024

When you consider just how quickly things move in the metaverse, it’s a wonder that anyone can keep up with all the news and product launches, let alone the constant influx of incredible artwork. 

All things considered, it raises an important question: how can you efficiently discover the best upcoming art collections?

For the answer, look no further! I’ve scoured the metaverse to uncover the drops you simply can’t afford to overlook so you can focus on elevating your collection instead of endlessly scrolling through X and Discord.

In this week’s curated Collector’s Digest, I’ll give you a leg up in your search for the premier works debuting on Bitcoin Ordinals, Ethereum, and Solana. Here’s what to look out for this week.

Art Minting This Week

🟧 ASCII Inscribed DNA by Gisel Florez

〰️ 📅 Date: Monday, May 13th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Gamma Prints

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 69

〰️ 🎛️ Format: Limited Edition [Live Now!]

〰️ 💰 Price: 100K Sats [~$63]

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: This print is an edition of Gisel’s first inscription on BTC Ordinals. Once all 69 prints are sold out, one signed archival print will be gifted to a random holder.

🟧 The Royals by King Punk Ape

〰️ 📅 Date: Monday, May 13th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: MSCRIBE

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 10,080

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: 24H Babbies AL @ ~5pm ET 

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.0005 BTC

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: 6H Holders AL @ ~5pm ET (5/14)

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.0007 BTC

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: 4H Community AL @ ~11pm ET (5/14)

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.001 BTC

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: FCFS @ ~3am ET (5/15)

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.0012 BTC

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: The collection may open a public phase at the very end.

🟪 Parallax by Socmplxdart

〰️ 📅 Date: Monday, May 13th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: NINFA(dot)io

〰️ 🧮 Supply: Eight 1 of 1 Artworks

〰️ 🎛️ Format: English Auction [Live Now!]

〰️ 💰 Reserve Price: 1 ETH

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: Through the lens of urban decay and burgeoning life, Parallax invites viewers to traverse the liminal spaces where nature and civilization intersect, echoing the palpable duality of contemporary existence.

🟪 ONLY GOOD VIBES MATTER by ItsNaastaaraan

〰️ 📅 Date: Monday, May 13th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Rarible [Base]

〰️ 🧮 Supply: Determined Post-Mint

〰️ 🎛️ Format: Timed Edition [Live Now!]

〰️ 💰 Reserve Price: 0.002 ETH

🟦 Moon Series by Nastya Spacey

〰️ 📅 Date: Monday, May 13th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Exchange Art

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1 of 1 of 8

〰️ 🎛️ Format: Public @ 5am ET

〰️ 💰 Price Range: 1 SOL – 5 SOL

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: Spacey strikes a careful balance between light and shadow to bring a unique perspective to her latest series of captivating nude photographs. The collection offers various points of entry in terms of pricing, predominantly ranging between 1 SOL to 1.5 SOL, but one particular piece – The Light Shines in the Darkness – will be sold via a 12-hour auction with a reserve price of 5 SOL. 


〰️ 📅 Date: Tuesday, May 14th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad:

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 10,000

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: 3H Tacolist @ 10am ET

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Public @ 1pm ET

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.0005 BTC

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: In the very first days of Ordinals, Adam Hollander inscribed a unicorn taco that his then six-year-old daughter had drawn as Ordinal #5557. In the year since, Adam’s Daughter created a 100+ trait generative taco collection called UNITACS using OG Ordinal as the collection’s Parent. (Author’s Note: If you have the means, I’d suggest purchasing one for the sole purpose of supporting a child’s dream of being an artist.)

🟪 Faux Letters by Linda Dounia

〰️ 📅 Date: Tuesday, May 14th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Avant Arte

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1 of 1 of 25

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Pre-Order [Now Open!]

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Public Sale @ 9am ET

〰️ 💰 Price: $1,859 to $2,242

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: Faux Letters was born from extensive exploration of global writing systems. Linda trained a machine model on her own hand drawings of different characters. By emulating lettering from across the world, from Roman to Korean, Dounia investigates our ability to communicate through a machine-generated language. Each signed and numbered print will arrive with a CoA, as well as a digital twin.

🟪 AOTM’s Artist-in-Residence: Rebecca Rose

〰️ 📅 Date: Tuesday, May 14th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: AOTM Gallery

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: Rebecca Rose is releasing two 1/1s on Ethereum and one open edition on Base. The pieces are intended as a triptych questioning the concept of justice and injustice in the judicial system. The two 1/1s, Trial of the Century and An Innocent Man, take the viewers through 3D spatial collage animations of courtrooms; one depicting a theatrical sequence of a high profile case where the guilty is acquitted, the other depicting a quieter scene where the innocent is convicted. The open edition, The Court of Public Opinion, depicts the aftermath of the two through the public’s perception and will be open for 48 hours only.

🟪 Anamorphosis by Patrik Prosko

〰️ 📅 Date: Tuesday, May 14th

〰️ 🚀 Platform: MakersPlace

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: The collection includes five unique artworks – a Nikola Tesla piece will be available via a timed auction (reserve price: 3 ETH) and others to be sold to the best offer. Three limited edition artworks will also be available (3 editions per artwork).

🟦 Signals by Odyssey Heart

〰️ 📅 Date: Tuesday, May 14th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Magic Eden

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1 of 1 of 888

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Solana Collector Airdrop

〰️ 💰 Price: FREE

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Allowlist #1 @ 10:30am ET

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.1 SOL

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Allowlist #2 @ 1:30pm ET

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Public @ 4:30pm ET

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.15 SOL

🟧 chatFUKR [Batch 1] by Harvey Rayner

〰️ 📅 Date: Wednesday, May 15th 

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Magic Eden

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1,000 (of 6,942)

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Guaranteed AL @ 9am ET

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: FCFS Allowlist @ 3pm ET

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.001696969 BTC

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: What has begun as an exploration of Degen culture, however, has evolved into a dynamic reflection of humanity’s absurdities and complexities. The collection will be released in Batches that will be spaced out to fit Harvey’s art release calendar (likely monthly or bimonthly drops). Harvey will retain 10% of Supply to keep the price accessible. Primary Sales will pay for IRL Community Events where some special, small batch drops may occur. 👀

🟪 Mass by James Bloom

〰️ 📅 Date: Wednesday, May 15th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: mass(dot)is

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1 of 1 of 300

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: 24H Holders AL @ 1pm ET

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: 24H Frens AL @ 1pm ET (5/16)

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: Public @ 1pm ET (5/17)

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.25 ETH

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: Mass is a 100% on-chain, unique 3D interactive artwork on the blockchain, where shared space evolves uniquely for each viewer, reflecting a dynamic community interaction. It records every on-chain action, translating them into visual changes, despite bugs and inaccuracies. This digital environment, both unifying and isolating, redefines online spaces through abstract, decentralized art. It’s a living entity dependent on blockchain transactions; without user activity, it risks becoming lifeless. Mass challenges traditional interpretations, relying on the blockchain, market dynamics, and community engagement to exist. 

🟪 DUCK by Rachel MacLean

〰️ 📅 Date: Wednesday, May 15th

〰️ 🚀 Platform: Fellowship AI

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1 of 1 of 20

〰️ 🎛️ Format: English Auction @ 1pm ET

〰️ 💰 Reserve Price: 0.5 ETH

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: DUCK is a daring deepfake short that follows Sean Connery’s unraveling after he witnesses Marilyn Monroe’s return from the dead, all set within a British spy thriller. Presales are available upon request. Deepfake AI Art is an emerging trend worth watching.

🟪 Keep Going by DocT

〰️ 📅 Date: Wednesday, May 15th

〰️ 🚀 Platform: MakersPlace

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1 of 1 of 10

〰️ 🎛️ Format: Public @ 1pm ET

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.15 ETH

🟪 Dwellers: Ascension by XO

〰️ 📅 Date: Wednesday, May 15th

〰️ 🚀 Platform: dwellers(dot)art

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 3,333

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: FCFS Burn-to-Mint @ 3:33pm ET

〰️ 💰 Price: Free

〰️ 🎛️ Phase: FCFS Public @ 3:33pm ET

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.0369 ETH

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: Two from the depths must become one and ascend to become 1 of 3,333 souls allowed into the heavens, but if you have enough to pay your wei in, that will be sufficient as well.

🟪 Transient Labs Presents BE MORE BASED

〰️ 📅 Date: Wednesday, May 15th

〰️ 🚀 Platform: Transient Labs [Base]

〰️ 🧮 Supply: Determined Post-Mint

〰️ 🎛️ Format: 48H Open Edition @ 1pm ET

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.0042069 ETH -or- Free

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: Featured Artists include OSF, 0xDesigner, Rebecca Rose, SHAKKABLOOD, Desultor, Luis Simo, Dangerous, UNFK, Oak, BASE GULP, Waambat, and 787.

🟪 Opuntia by purplehat

〰️ 📅 Date: Friday, May 17th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Art Blocks x Vertu

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1 of 1 of 18

〰️ 🎛️ Format: Dutch Auction @ 1pm ET

〰️ 💰 Starting Price: 1.2 ETH

〰️ 💰 Resting Price: 0.4 ETH

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: Opuntia is the genus of plants commonly known as the prickly pear cactus and is a common fixture in the fauna of the Sonoran desert. This project is a continuation of Rockland’s Patchwork Saguaros, which depicts the desert plants representative of Southwest Arizona, where he grew up. 

🟪 It Feels Good by Hafftka

〰️ 📅 Date: Friday, May 17th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Notable Pepes

〰️ 🧮 Max Supply: 100

〰️ 🎛️ Format: Pepe Check AL @ 4:20pm ET

〰️ 💰 Price: 0.069 ETH

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: For Card 16 of Notable Pepes Series 6, Hafftka has made what this author would call a “feel good” piece. In order to be on the allowlist, you must own a Pepe Check before Thursday, May 16th at 4:30 pm ET.

🟪 Hands of Time by DeeKay

〰️ 📅 Date: Friday, May 17th

〰️ 🚀 Launchpad: Christie’s

〰️ 🧮 Supply: 1 of 1

〰️ 🎛️ Format: Auction 

〰️ 💰 Reserve Price: TBA

〰️ ℹ️ More Info: DeeKay’s latest work will be auctioned as part of Christie’s “Post-War & Contemporary Art Day Sale.” Based on Christie’s estimates, Hands of Time is projected to be worth between $60K to $80K.

Thanks for checking out All Eyes on Art! I curate this comprehensive yet selective digest of upcoming collections to keep you informed week in and week out. If you’d like to see more color in your X feed, I share a 30-Day Outlook version of this Collector’s Digest every Monday and my Discover Art series every Thursday.

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