ICYMI Mondays: Oct. 11

BY Langston Thomas

October 11, 2021

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on a Monday and realizing you missed out on some incredible drops over the weekend.

It can be truly disheartening to find out that an awesome project launched, minted and sold out all while you were tied up with a wedding, camping trip, or multiday metaverse bender.

Don’t go FOMOing into anything just yet though, because every Monday, we’re bringing you a roundup of the art, collectibles, airdrops and more you missed while you were away.

DotPigeon X Skygolpe

Over the weekend, prominent crypto-artists DotPigeon and Skygolpe teamed up for a collectors-only drop on Nifty Gateway. Featuring a single edition piece, the drop went live for owners of DotPigeon’s previous NFTs Saturday at 6:30 p.m. ET.

A total of 547 collectors met the eligibility requirements for the 50 editions of “Shut Up and Fill These Shelves.” The condition for entry was that users needed to own at least two DotPigeon NFTs to enter into the raffle; each of the $2,500 editions immediately sold once the raffle was finalized. They are now available only on the secondary market, with the lowest price at $6,500.

Sin City NFT Sale

In celebration of Sin City‘s 30th anniversary, Frank Miller teamed up with gaming art studio Concept Art House on an impressive, multi-piece NFT project. Featuring a total of six drops over the course of a month, the collection’s final auction is set to culminate today, Oct. 11, at 5 p.m. ET.

Miller’s iconic noir characters have been given new life with this 30th anniversary NFT collection. Featuring a variety of characters from the ’90s graphic novel series, all but one auction piece have sold out, with many still available via secondary sales on OpenSea.

Creeptures Gen 2 Announcement

3D artist Marco Mori announced the second round of his Creeptures project on Monday, Oct. 11. He started with a total of 10 animated NFTs at the beginning of August, and is following up his initial supply with another batch of nine 1/1s.

Each NFT depicts a bug-eyed 3D creature crafted in Mori’s signature, somewhat jarring style. Each 1/1 will go up for auction beginning Oct. 13, with only a few from generation one still up for grabs on the secondary market.

Wong Kar Wai Sotheby’s Auction

An NFT from acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar Wai was auctioned as an NFT at Sotheby’s Hong Kong over the weekend. Featuring never-before-seen footage from In the Mood for Love, the NFT sold for 4.28 million HKD (over $550,000 USD).

Up for auction were three primary assets that made up the collection: a 92-second video (MP4), a file containing copyright provisions and a file containing subtitle options. The auction, announced at the beginning of September, closed Oct. 10 as part of Sotheby Hong Kong’s Modern Art Evening Sale.

Photo courtesy of DotPigeon.


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