ICYMI Mondays: September 27

BY Langston Thomas

September 27, 2021

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of waking up on a Monday and realizing you missed out on some incredible drops over the weekend.

It can be truly disheartening to find out that an awesome project launched, minted and sold out all while you were tied up with a wedding, camping trip, or multi-day metaverse bender.

Don’t go FOMOing into anything just yet though – because every Monday we’re bringing you a roundup of the art, collectibles, airdrops and more you missed while you were away.

Grillz Gang

Grillz Gang is a new avatar-based collection of 5,555 unique NFTs. Although the project’s public sale went live on Sunday, the art and metadata reveal have yet to take place and the floor is ripe for the picking.

Randomly generated from over 150 traits, Grillz has already seen endorsements from influential names in the NFT space, including entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. The collection will also be added to a growing list of projects tradable via Nifty Gateway.

Zero Contact

Zero Contact is a new NFT feature film starring Academy Award-winning actor Anthony Hopkins. Although the project launched on September 24, bidding for each of the 11 NFTs in the collection will conclude on September 28 @ 7 pm EST.

This drop comes to us from VUELE, a new film viewing and distribution platform that aims to deliver “feature-length films and digital collectible entertainment content as NFTs.” The film features Hopkins as an eccentric billionaire that abruptly dies – leaving behind a mystery that could mean the end of all mankind if left unsolved.

There are currently 10 “Elite” editions and 1 “Platinum” edition NFT up for auction, with a “Golden Ticket” to be given away in VUELE’s Discord. Each tier of NFT yields unique rewards including set visits, original artwork, and more.

ENCODE Founders NFTs

ENCODE Graphics is a new digital comic publisher that aims to “bridge analog and digital worlds.” Launched on September 23, each of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tier NFTs sold out fast and are now available on secondary.

The NFTs in this genesis drop will grant unique privileges to OG collectors down the line. With the goal to “bring together well-known and established comic artists from all over the world,” ENCODE has released these founders’ NFTs to help fund endeavors within the ENCODE NETWORK.

Superfuzz: The Good Guys

Superfuzz’s “The Good Guys” is another avatar-based project centered around 7,777 cute and cuddly monsters. Preceded by a 777 NFT drop of “The Bad Batch,” a group of dark, menacing monster PFPs, these “Good Guys” sold out on Sunday and are currently only available on secondary.

With creative lore, a growing community, and a roadmap developing as the days go by, this may be yet another PFP project to stick around.

GM (Good Morning)

“GM” is a text-based project built on Loot that was launched today, September 27. Piggybacking off a viral tweet (in the NFT space at least) from Punk4156, this project has a theoretically unlimited supply of NFTs.

This project allows anyone to mint their own “gm” with the resulting token showing a greeting and their address as a Loot-esque text-based NFT. It’s anyone’s guess as to what utility the project will have in the future, but it’s an exciting social experiment nonetheless.

Floral Fractal

Floral Fractal is a project that seemingly combines generative fractal art and community-building under one roof. Launched September 23 with a cap of 1,000 NFTs, the project has yet to sell out and is still available to mint via the Floral Fractal website.

A collection of 1.000 unique generated fractal plants, Floral Fractals allows owners to mint their NFT and spawn the token on a shared map being billed as a collaborative “Floral Fractal World” metaverse.


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