Sailing the OpenSea: Singularity, Dreamloops, Fly Frogs & More

BY Langston Thomas

October 08, 2021

Ahoy & GM, weary traveler,

Traversing the vast expanse of the world’s largest NFT marketplace has become a bit daunting, hasn’t it?

Well fret not. I’ve been venturing far and wide with the simple goal of unearthing the most innovative and awe-inspiring NFT projects out there!

In this weekly column, I’ll share all sorts of discoveries with you — big, small, new and old. So all aboard the S.S. WAGMI to marvel at what I’ve found whilst Sailing the OpenSea


Singularity is the second release from AI art collective AIIV, a collaboration by artists Ravi Vora and Phil Bosua. Comprised of 1,000 NFTs, Singularity explores the idea of a catastrophic break in space-time through artistic interpretations created by artificial intelligence.

Described by Vora and Bosua as “visions that feel familiar but also not of this world,” Singularity presents a colorful and highly detailed collection of eerie yet beautiful pieces. As a few generative projects have gained infamy through multimillion-dollar sales, avid generative art enthusiasts can appreciate the fact that the floor for Singularity is currently sitting around 1.2 ETH.


Dreamloops, the first release from Bitlectro Labs, is a pixel-art project that’s been around since the summer. The collection originally launched back in June with 10,000 NFTs that sold out quickly. They’ve recently started to pick up steam again on the secondary market.

Each Dreamloops NFT is a combination of an 8-bit musical loop and a 16-bit looping artwork. Considering the project launched during a time that saw PFP projects dominate the market, it was and is still considered a unique outlier among large supply NFT projects. A floor Dreamloop currently costs 0.17 ETH, making entry into the loop community relatively affordable for most NFT enthusiasts.

Fly Frogs

Although Fly Frogs was initially announced back in August, the project has really taken off over the last month alone. Possibly due in part to Gremplin’s CrypToadz boosting the amphibian NFT market, sales for this collection of 10,000 randomly generated frogs have been jumpin’.

Although minting began toward the beginning of September, Fly Frogs didn’t sell out its initial 10,000 NFT supply till Oct. 4. With each frog featuring a variety of colors, expressions and accessories — though some are definitely rarer than others — a floor frog currently costs a modest 0.09 ETH.

Bonsai by ZENFT

Bonsai by ZENFT is another project created months ago that has started to pick up steam recently. This collection of 8,888 3D bonsai trees provides collectors with a wealth of incentives, including an AR/VR model of their tree, full commercial rights and more.

Created with the intention to “soothe and calm,” Bonsai originally sold out in less than an hour, leading the way to significant growth of the Zenft Garden Society (the Bonsai projects Discord community). With giveaways, merchandise and other endeavors still in the works within the community, the lowest price to purchase a Bonsai is currently around 0.18 ETH.

Knights of Degen

Knights of Degen is a new PFP project centered around the lore of “NFT degenerate gamblers” of the future. At 8,888 strong, the full collection of these degenerate knights sold out quickly, activating a unique, sports-themed roadmap.

With physical events, a metaverse tavern, the community $DEGEN token and more still on the horizon, Knights of Degen seems to be part of the new era of avatar projects that are blurring the lines between their IRL and metaverse communities. A floor Knight currently costs 0.17 ETH.

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is a project building a community of landowners through buildable and playable virtual worlds. With a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated landscape NFTs, collectors can create their own digital ecosystem that lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFT Worlds has thrown its hat into a long list of incredibly interesting projects currently building toward the metaverse. Each NFT depicts an assortment of geographical attributes, environments, natural resources and more, allowing users to build upon their unique domain. Collecting an NFT World currently costs around 0.17 ETH.


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