Exclusive: Collector Artudito Opens Up on $16.4 Million Alien CryptoPunk Purchase

BY Matt Medved

April 11, 2024

It’s always an event when an alien CryptoPunk changes hands.

Following a dormant period for the seminal project’s rarest tier during the bear market, two alien Punks sold for upwards of $16 million last month — CryptoPunk #3100 for 4,500 ETH ($16.03 million) on March 11, followed by CryptoPunk #7804 for 4,850 ETH ($16.42 million) on March 20.

As the first alien Punk sales since CryptoPunk #5822 sold for 8,000 ETH ($23.7 million) in February 2022, the news spread quickly and invigorated an Ethereum NFT market that has had few causes for celebration so far this cycle. Speculation quickly abounded around the collectors’ identities, particularly after LVMH’s Alexandre Arnault joked about being the purchaser of Punk #3100 before walking it back.

nft now can now exclusively reveal that CryptoPunk #7804’s buyer is none other than Artudito, the pseudonymous collector who made waves on February 19 with their landmark purchase of a full Autoglyphs set for 5,000 ETH ($14.536 million).

Represented by art advisor Amanda Schmitt and supported by Codex Projects, the enigmatic collector boasts a background in traditional art and has stated their intention to present the works in museums and institutional settings. Named after the beloved Star Wars droid R2D2, Artudito’s digital art collection can be found at artudito.eth.

In their first-ever interview, Artudito discusses the purchase of CryptoPunk #7804, their vision for collecting digital art, and what’s next for the quickly growing collection.


Matt Medved: What is your background in the traditional art world?

Artudito: I have traveled the world observing and collecting information, objects, and experiences.

The one thing that is common everywhere is art, which is visible in all forms.

In today’s digital world, this universal presence of art connects everyone, and one of the most emblematic expressions of this is the globally recognized CryptoPunk collection by Larva Labs.

Why did you decide to acquire CryptoPunk #7804 for 4,850 ETH ($16.4 million)?

Cultural perspectives shift dramatically depending on where one finds themselves. My travels, extending to the far reaches of the universe, have led me to an intriguing conclusion: we are all, in a sense, aliens navigating a vast expanse. This idea is mirrored in our world by the Internet, which serves as a digital hyperspace, connecting diverse lifeforms and cultures across the globe.

In the realm of science fiction, like in Star Wars, the concept of hyperspace allows for rapid travel across galaxies. Similarly, the Internet propels us into a new dimension of connectivity and discovery, shrinking distances and expanding our understanding of community and identity. In this digital hyperspace, when we curate and collect the finest elements, it’s akin to distilling the essence of this vast interconnectedness. This process, in a way, flips traditional values on their head, offering a glimpse into a future where our journey through the cosmos, or across this planet via the Internet, paints a comprehensive portrait of our potential paths and destinations.

“The alienness of this CryptoPunk resonates deeply with the outsider status that many digital artists and enthusiasts, much like historical figures such as Van Gogh, initially encountered.”


Integral to this portrait of the future is the CryptoPunk artwork “Alien with Pipe,” which is poised to become as iconic as, if not more than, the Mona Lisa. The alienness of this CryptoPunk resonates deeply with the outsider status that many digital artists and enthusiasts, much like historical figures such as Van Gogh, initially encountered. Through persistence and innovation, creators like Larva Labs have paved new paths, transforming what was once alien into the familiar, and elevating the fringe to the status of the iconic. This artwork encapsulates the evolving journey of digital artistry, symbolizing the transition from the margins to the mainstream, mirroring the expansive, interconnected digital hyperspace that defines our era.

Quoting the great art collector Joseph Duveen, whose words seem to be making the rounds these days: “When you pay high for the priceless, you’re getting it cheap.”

How do you view the significance of the CryptoPunks project within broader art history?

In a recent podcast, an artist eloquently described the CryptoPunks collection as the world’s most valuable portrait, with an estimated worth of $1.5 billion. This valuation isn’t for a single artwork but for a collective composed of 10,000 distinct pieces, each one contributing to the “Universality of the Individual” and providing context for everyone in an equal manner. This collection doesn’t distinguish based on the characters’ appearances or traits; whether a punk is a green zombie, male, female, or possesses any other attributes, each is treated with equal importance.

The CryptoPunks project is more than a digital art collection; it is a beacon of inclusivity and equality, embodying a unifying force that represents everyone, everywhere. It signifies a monumental shift in the art world, comparable to the transformative impact of photography. This paradigm shift challenges traditional art concepts like ownership, authenticity, and value, ushering in an era where art thrives purely in the digital domain. CryptoPunks democratize art ownership, redefine the essence of art possession, and ensure that art is accessible and resonant for all, epitomizing the unifying force that symbolizes the universal identity of individuals.

“The CryptoPunks project is more than a digital art collection; it is a beacon of inclusivity and equality, embodying a unifying force that represents everyone, everywhere.”


Describe your collector thesis. What factors do you weigh in deciding which pieces to collect?

Artudito delves deep into societal and cultural trends to make informed decisions.

Artudito closely examines what captures the collective imagination more effectively than anything else, prioritizing artworks that have already received societal endorsement. Artudito focuses on what has already been universally acknowledged and valued, both within society and the broader universe.

This strategy involves a careful selection of pieces recognized as important, highlighting the essence of what has been embraced by the public and the art world alike. At this moment,  I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to continue the legacy of two of the most acclaimed pieces in the realm of digital art; CryptoPunk #7804 “Alien with Pipe” and the Autoglyphs Dev Set. It’s an honor to carry the torch for these artworks, contributing to their enduring presence and influence within the art landscape.

Artudito’s Autoglyphs Set

Your two acquisitions to date have both been on Ethereum. What are your thoughts on Bitcoin Ordinals and other chains?

The specific blockchain used is not important, just as the type of spaceship used in hyperspace is irrelevant. What matters is the pilot and the mission, and in this case, the mission is that of the artist.

The art is what matters.

What have been your biggest lessons learned since entering the blockchain-based art world?

Artists are the time capsule of the future.

If you want to know where humanity is going, pay more attention to what the artists are doing and tinkering with. The blockchain provides a registered documentation of these movements and creations by artists.

“Artists are the time capsule of the future.”


What are your long-term plans for the collection?

Inspired by R2D2’s skill in handling data and memory, Artudito aims to change how art is saved and shared. Artudito plans to work with leading museums interested in showcasing digital art, as well as discussing with artists and curators how to improve and envision future museums. The goal is to display carefully chosen art in these innovative spaces.

Artudito’s main mission is to collect and share outstanding art from across the universe. Many of these works have not even been created or minted yet…

Editor’s note: Learn more about the CryptoPunks project’s history and legacy in our exclusive docuseries “Punks as Told By CryptoPunks” created in partnership with Yuga Labs.

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