Credit: Heno.

Heno Transforms Latest Track into an Immersive Pixel Game

BY Erika Lee

September 15, 2023

In a fusion of music, storytelling, and interactive gaming, artist and musician Heno. has embarked on an innovative journey with his latest release, “RELIEF.” This innovative pixel game invites listeners and players alike to step into a dystopian world where music and gameplay intertwine.

Heno. spoke with nft now on the intricacies of his latest creation, the story behind the game, and more about his new music.

When Heno. and his creative director Tara Moves and began talking about the visual world for his upcoming album, they wanted to answer the question: “what does a concept album look like in the metaverse?”

“Gaming, music, and Web3 came up as an area we wanted to play with, especially with RELIEF reminding us sonically of classic game soundtracks,” Heno said. “We were already familiar with DaCirkus’s work and his enthusiasm for our initial pitch made it official: Relief was a pixel game.”

A Pixelated Dystopia: The World of RELIEF

Heno Transforms His Latest Music Release into an Immersive Pixel Game
Credit: Heno.

As players delve into the digital streets of RELIEF in-game, they assume the persona of Heno., navigating “a world marked by surveillance and the relentless pursuit of wealth.” This virtual landscape mirrors the anxieties and challenges of our modern age, where the boundaries between privacy and intrusion blur, and the quest for prosperity often comes at a cost.

The artistry in RELIEF lies not only in its music but also in its immersive storytelling. With every step you take, the game’s narrative unfolds in perfect harmony with Heno.’s latest single, creating a symbiotic relationship between gameplay and music that envelops players in a captivating experience.

In the heart of this digital dystopia, you find yourself in a race against time. Your goal: accumulate wealth while evading the unrelenting gaze of surveillance. This race echoes the real-world obsessions with prosperity and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of financial gain. It’s a thrilling adventure that tests your wits, strategy, and resourcefulness.

“Our thesis is that surveillance is ultimately destructive to liberation but intrinsic to the American dream,” Heno said. “The Easter eggs you may discover during play through further allude to this thesis.”

How to play

To gain early access and play the game, those interested must mint an arcade ticket on the ZORA platform for 0.003 ETH. This act not only grants you entry but also signifies your participation in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and its role in shaping modern entertainment. Collect all three tickets for a special airdrop and allowlist access as the journey to RELIEF unfolds.

The Synchronization of Music and Gameplay

The magic of RELIEF lies in its seamless integration of music and interactive storytelling. As you navigate the game’s challenges, the soundtrack – Heno.’s latest single – serves as the beating heart of the experience. Each action you take is accompanied by the perfect auditory backdrop, allowing you to not only hear the music but also feel it in your every move.

Heno. adds that he couldn’t have brought his ideas into a playable game without the help of his Creative Director (@taramoves), Game Dev (@DaCirkus), Web3 Dev (@sweetman_eth), and Dialogue Writer (@crashprez).

A Glimpse into the Future

Heno.’s RELIEF is a testament to the evolving nature of entertainment. It demonstrates the boundless potential for artists to redefine how they engage with their audience. This project is a pioneering example of the future of music releases, where the lines between music, storytelling, and gaming continue to blur.

In a world where digital experiences are the new norm, RELIEF is a beacon of creativity and innovation. It challenges us to ponder the implications of surveillance culture, the allure of wealth, and the enduring power of art and music to provoke thought and inspire change.

“We built this entire surreal surveillance world pulling from my life experiences to have an honest conversation on how innovations of technology can have an harmful impact in preying upon and over surveilling marginalized communities who are already under scrutiny,” Heno told nft now. “Which is why [my] album is going to be called ‘IM TIRED OF BEING HYPERSURVEILLED.’ Aren’t we all tired?”

“Which is why [my] album is going to be called ‘IM TIRED OF BEING HYPERSURVEILLED.’ Aren’t we all tired?”


As artists explore new ways to connect with their audience, it’s evident that the convergence of music and interactive entertainment will shape the future of the industry. Heno.’s RELIEF is not just an artistic endeavor; it’s an invitation for all of us to reimagine how we experience music, storytelling, and gaming in this digital age. It’s a journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional music releases, inviting us to join Heno. on a multifaceted odyssey that promises to be nothing short of transformative.

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