Solana Mobile Announces Second Phone Shipping in 2025

BY Lorepunk

January 16, 2024

If you opened up your Phantom Wallet today (Jan. 16), you’ll have noticed a little announcement from their friends at Solana Mobile. After the high-profile sell-out of their Saga handset, the Solana Mobile team has opened pre-orders for a second handset at a lower price point—ready to deliver in 2025.

Along with opening preorders for the phone at an early bird rate—a $450 “deposit,” which the team is saying will cover the whole cost of the device—Solana Mobile has also rolled out a referral scheme, where enterprising social media farmers can earn rewards from participating teams in the ecosystem by signing up their friends for the phone preorder.

Connect a wallet and your X account to participate; Phantom works well, but if you want to be eligible for the team’s upcoming Mad Lads giveaway, use Backpack Wallet to connect.

If you do want to get your hands on a Solana Mobile Chapter Two phone, you can pay for it via credit card or Solana Pay. Be sure to check in the drop-down menu that your country is listed, as not everywhere is eligible for phone preorders.

“Almost overnight, Solana Mobile’s Saga became the most rewarding experience on a phone, ever and sold out. You know that story. Now it’s time for the next part of the epic, with our sights set on new horizons and global availability. Don’t miss your chance to be an early adopter. Join us and preorder Chapter 2, get the word out, and maximize your chance for ecosystem rewards and giveaways,” the team announced on their website.

If $450 is a little pricey for you, do not worry—you can get going with the referral campaign even without preordering.

The incentives campaign is already well underway, with tweets and referral codes flying across X.

A close read of the Chapter Two website offers some hints of benefits for those who join the grind: there’s a chance to win a Mad Lad if you and your referred people both connect to the Chapter Two site with the Backpack wallet.

Tensor, Phantom, Solflare, and DRiP also feature in the referral rewards partners section, with a “Stay Tuned” on each.

The Solana Mobile team has yet to make its leaderboard public. “We’re tracking all your referrals now, but soon, we’ll have a live leaderboard where you can see how your referrals rank against everyone else,” they say on their website.

“Bullish on the future of the Solana ecosystem and the design/growth space forged from the merger of physical products & bound digital assets,” said SHILLR co-founder funghibull.

Despite excitement from fans, the long lead time for the product (the Solana Mobile team has committed to refunding preorders if they can’t get it produced) has led to some skepticism. “This is the pure take the cash and go manufacturing strategy (super dangerous) + ship on 2025 (prob will delay),” merts.eth posted on X.

However, others quickly pointed out that the first Saga had already been profitable for its holders.

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