Community All-Stars Talk Bear Market Building


Community All-Stars Talk Bear Market Building

Live From Gateway Korea Season: 2.5 Episode: 3

October 11, 2023

A star-studded cast of founders representing some of the most successful web3 communities joined us for Gateway Korea’s community-building panel, including ARC Community’s Elroy Cheo, Frank DeGods of DeGods and y00ts, 9dcc’s Gmoney and Dave Krugman of ALLSHIPS. The discussion delved beyond surface-level platitudes to explore the importance of authenticity and commitment in fostering thriving online communities, as well as ways to navigate challenges while building in the bear market. 

Moderated by nft now’s Matt Medved, the panel shed light on the intense challenges NFT project founders face in the current climate. The founders discussed their key insights into nurturing communities, emphasizing the importance of not just marketing and managing the project as a business, but also safeguarding their own mental health.

In this talk, we cover building without creator royalties, how to navigate public backlash, bear market lessons learned, and much more.


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