Why Richerd Rejected a Nearly $10 Million Offer for His CryptoPunk


Why Richerd Rejected a Nearly $10 Million Offer for His CryptoPunk

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 34

November 24, 2021

Over the past year, Richerd has become a staple of the NFT community. Seen as a true proponent of both the tech and the culture surrounding NFTs, he’s earned his reputation by consistently contributing positivity and wisdom to the space.

Richard has assisted countless artists in deploying custom smart contracts throughout 2021, and is respected as a prominent builder in the community. With his latest endeavor Manifold, a service and studio that creates tools and products for NFT communities, the 3D-glasses wearing developer is aiming to expand the horizons of what creators can do with smart contracts.

Yet, apart from the multiple hats he wears daily, Richerd recently became a shining example of the term “diamond hands” when he turned down a nearly $10 million offer on his signature CryptoPunk.

“I looked at the offer and I’m like, ‘2,500 ETH?’ My first reaction was, ‘Why?’” Richard tells nft now. “I just sat and I thought about it for a few minutes and I was like, no. The right answer for me was not to sell. And so I tweeted, ‘You wanna see what diamond hands looks like?’”

On this episode of the nft now podcast, Richerd discusses why smart contracts are important in the NFT space, how he decides who to partner with on projects and more.

Manifold’s public-facing creator suite may still be in development, but the NFT community at large seems to have already adopted the young company as one of the premier creative entities in the space. And while Manifold as a whole is still a relatively new endeavor — it launched just earlier this year in April — Richerd says the company has already made some exciting headway on a hot-button issue in NFTs: royalty payouts.

Richerd hopes his open-source Royalty Registry will help circumvent the problem of artists not receiving royalties because of both human and computer errors. He says his greatest achievement thus far is getting numerous marketplaces involved in fixing their currently archaic and non-cross-platform compatible mechanisms.

“This is good for the industry, this is good for the space, and going forward,” Richard tells nft now. “[The marketplaces involved with Manifold] have all committed to supporting us.”

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