The Future of AI Animation with Andre Oshea


The Future of AI Animation with Andre Oshea

NFT Now Podcast Season: 2 Episode: 8

May 10, 2023

Andre Oshea is a 3D artist, animator, and musician who initially made a name in Web3 by partnering on NFT drops with Netflix, the Academy Awards, and the Grammys. Before finding his niche on the blockchain, Oshea cut his teeth through client work with Adult Swim, Snapchat, Tidal, Vogue, John Legend, and more. His unique style, which explores themes related to futurism, spirituality, new worlds, and aesthetic journeys, has continued to be tapped by many in the NFT space, with his solo pieces going on for auction at Christie’s. He has also continued to pursue philanthropic works, including a collaborative project with Web3 rapper Heno to fund prison reform.

In our latest episode of the nft now podcast, we cover Andre’s journey to embracing AI animation, why he thinks the bear market isn’t so bad, and how to stay grounded as an artist in Web3.


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