What The Music Industry Needs to Know About NFTs


What The Music Industry Needs to Know About NFTs

NFT Now Podcast Season: 1 Episode: 63

June 22, 2022

Without a doubt, Cooper Turley has been one of Web3’s biggest champions, and is a firm believer in how NFTs can revolutionize the music industry. He got his start in Web3 as blockchain-powered music streaming site Audius’ official crypto advisor. Since then, he’s assumed an advisory role at Web3 culture think tank Friends With Benefits, and has continued to invest heavily in this burgeoning creative ecosystem.

In our latest episode of the nft now podcast, we cover how NFTs can bring about the future of music fandom, Turley’s advice for young aspiring artists, utility moving forward in the NFT space, what it’s like championing a movement the general public doesn’t understand, and more.


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