Now Runway: Panerai and Arianee to Launch Digital Passport & More

BY Afrodet Zuri

September 15, 2023

Welcome back to Now Runway, where we report to you from the frontlines of the digital fashion and luxury revolution. Today we report to you from Singapore where the visitors who have invaded the island for Singapore Arts Week, Formula 1, and TOKEN2049 have brought some interesting fashion for us to observe. It is quite difficult to find the perfect look to sweat in running around between the multitude of events while keeping in mind the air conditioning is blasting inside every venue. Read ahead to see what you missed this week including Panerai and Arianee partnering on a digital passport for Panerai watches, DRESSX and Diesel collaborating on a digital fashion collection and Now Runway recording our very first podcast with none other than leading digital-only fashion house, The Fabricant.

Panerai Partners with Arianee to Launch New Digital Passport 

Panerai is set to implement a blockchain-based digital passport system for all watches sold starting October 3rd, 2023. The initiative, one of the first in the industry, will be unveiled at the Watches and Wonders event in Shanghai. This digital passport will serve as proof of authenticity, containing individualized information about each watch given to the customer at the point of purchase.


The move is poised to enhance the security of the second-hand market by making the digital passport transferrable to subsequent owners. The digital passport is conceived with a long-term perspective, aiming to chronicle the product’s history throughout its life cycle.

In addition to serving as an authenticity certificate, the blockchain-driven passport will house extensive information about each timepiece, including technical specifications and product history. This comprehensive record paves the way for a variety of value-added services and benefits such as simplified reselling processes, thereby boosting transparency, trust, and convenience in customer interactions with Panerai. This initiative also signifies a significant stride in combating counterfeits and transitioning toward digital documentation.

“We firmly believe that digital passports are poised to transform possession of valuable assets, enabling our clients to trace the lifecycle of their watches, prove authenticity, and benefit from bespoke services tailored to each timepiece.”

Jean-Marc Pontroué, Panerai’s CEO

To actualize the large-scale implementation of digital passports, Panerai has partnered with Arianee, a leading provider of blockchain-based digital passport solutions. “Having implemented digital product passports on limited-edition watches for Panerai’s Experiences since early 2022, Arianee is thrilled to support the Maison in this implementation at scale, which marks an important milestone in its journey towards an enhanced and trusted customer experience”, Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee CEO and co-founder shared in a press release.

Customers can obtain the digital passport for their watch directly from Panerai Boutiques or by scanning the QR Code on the warranty card using a mobile device. After registration, they can access Pam. guard, a digital platform designed for an established community of clients. Here, they can access their watch’s certified information, review the watch history, transfer the passport to a new owner, avail of future services, and even extend the international limited warranty up to eight years. The Digital Passport can be transferred to the next owner in cases of gifting, inheritance, or resale through PAMGuard, the gateway for all Panerai owners.

DRESSX and Diesel Collaborate on Digital Fashion Collection 

DRESSX, the leading retailer in meta fashion, and Diesel, the Italian lifestyle brand, have unveiled an exclusive collection on the Meta Avatars Store. The collection will showcase digital renditions of Diesel’s iconic designs, shapes, and denim from their latest collections. This partnership leverages DRESSX’s proficiency in digital fashion and Diesel’s unique style, bridging the gap between the physical world and the digital universe.

This collaboration aligns with the growing trend of digital self-expression, providing a fresh avenue for fashion enthusiasts to engage with Diesel’s well-known aesthetic within the metaverse. Both DRESSX and Diesel, renowned for innovation and creativity, have meticulously crafted each garment in the collection to encapsulate Diesel’s fashion ethos. From the unique textures of the denim to the trademark silhouettes, the digital garments reflect Diesel’s enduring appeal.

DressX x Diesel

Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, the founders of DRESSX, expressed their enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “Our partnership with Diesel marks a significant step forward in our mission to integrate prominent fashion brands into the metaverse. We aim to offer an unparalleled experience to digitally savvy customers who are exploring avatar commerce. Together, we’re merging the realms of physical and digital fashion, delivering a unique and immersive experience to fashion enthusiasts.”

The comprehensive collection will include 10 signature Diesel looks, mirroring Diesel’s physical in-store offerings. Fans of the brand and digital fashion enthusiasts will have the opportunity to dress their avatars in Diesel’s signature denim jackets, stylish jeans, contemporary streetwear, and iconic sneakers, all available on the Meta Avatars Store across Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Quest VR.

Stefano Rosso, CEO of BVX and Board Member of OTB Group, the parent company of Diesel shared in a press release: “This collaboration with DRESSX represents an exciting chapter for Diesel and remarks its commitment to engaging technology with fashion. We are thrilled to see Diesel’s timeless pieces reimagined in the digital realm, empowering users to express their individuality in unique and unprecedented ways.”

The first batch of 5 looks from the DRESSX x Diesel collection are available now followed by the next release in Autumn 2023. Users on the Meta platform can purchase digital garments directly from the Meta Avatars Store, allowing them to personalize their avatars with Diesel’s iconic style.

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