About nft now

nft now is the award-winning web3 digital media platform building the future of tokenized media. nft now is on a mission to empower the creators of culture and help drive mainstream adoption of NFTs and web3. From industry-leading events like The Gateway and NFT100 to innovative products like the Now Pass and Now Network, nft now is redefining the role of a media company in web3.
Our Approach

nft now is here to help you succeed in the NFT space

nft now gives you the insights you need to thrive in the fast-paced world of web3 through the following editorial pillars:

Showcase Trailblazers

Pioneers are reshaping the market on a daily basis through community, technology, and art. We work to uplift and amplify their contributions through storytelling and content creation and distribution.


Empower Creators & Collectors

The NFT space can be overwhelming and intimidating to creators and collectors alike. Our goal is to help simplify the market into actionable strategies you can leverage to succeed.


Foster Community

Community is the foundation of all that we do. We aim to build a diverse and supportive community that becomes a rising tide for all ships.


nft now is here to help you navigate the web3 landscape

Freshly minted web3 news, features, and analysis on trailblazing artists, collectors, and technologists who are redefining the creative economy — and how you can be a part of it.

Matt Medved

Co-Founder, CEO & EIC

Matt previously founded Billboard Dance, ran Spin magazine as Editor-in-Chief, and was most recently the SVP of Content at Modern Luxury. For nearly a decade, he’s worked to bridge the worlds of music, culture, and blockchain to uplift artistry and empower creatives.

Alejandro Navia

Co-Founder & President

Alejandro was an early employee at Elite Daily (acquired by Daily Mail) before going on to work with the Content Strategy & Acquisitions team at Verizon. Since then, he’s worked as an executive coach helping experienced entrepreneurs operate at the highest levels.

Aaron Baker

CTO & Creative Director

Brendan O'Flaherty

Director of Blockchain Technology

Marko Bajlovic

Senior Developer