12 Inspiring Artists to Discover During Women’s History Month

BY nft now Staff & World of Women

March 19, 2024

Web3 is evolving beyond its initial stigma of being solely a “crypto bro” boy’s club dominated by the same entrenched hierarchies as the tech world. This shift highlights a broader, more inclusive array of contributors shaping the future of digital innovation — and the creative community has been helping lead this charge. The space is witnessing a rise in women leaders and artists who are actively shaping the narrative and direction of onchain culture.

While the persistent gender gap continues to loom over the sector, this new crop of creators is providing inspiration, education, and fostering inclusion within web3. These efforts are paving the way for a more equitable digital future, and a collective identity that is far richer and more varied than traditional narratives suggest, offering a promising horizon for inclusivity and innovation.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we teamed up with World of Women to co-curate a list of talented artists to discover, many of whom have been featured in the project’s seasonal Artfest festivities. Far from exhaustive, this list is aimed at discovery and shining a light on creators whose work deserves more coverage and appreciation.

Be sure to tune into our joint Twitter Space today (March 19) at 12:30 pm ET with World of Women to speak to some of these incredible artists.


Amarylis, known as AMYLILI, is a Luxembourg-based artist with a background in furniture and product design who pivoted to art after a burnout from a finance career. Embracing digital and traditional mediums, she has spent three years as a freelance artist, recently delving into AI art to expand her creative repertoire. Her work, centered on themes of femininity and empowerment, portrays women in a strong and confident light, aiming to inspire these qualities in her audience.

Art has also been a therapeutic journey for Amarylis, helping her overcome anxiety and a career-induced art block. Her talent has garnered attention, leading to features and collaborations with companies like World of Women and The Hug. Earlier this year, she created the artwork for The Sirens, billed as the first female-founded project on SEI, which successfully sold out its mint.

Cyber Shakti

Active since 2016 and a significant contributor to the Crypto Art India collective, Cyber Shakti is a notable participant in India’s NFT and glitch art scene, blending spiritual themes with digital glitches across mediums like photography and video animations. Based in Mumbai, the artist has emerged as a key figure in popularizing digital art among Indian women and played a pivotal role in India’s pioneering NFT exhibition, “DAZE.” Her work, known for its vibrant depiction of Indian culture, particularly through the “Colors of India” and “Streets of Bombay” series, has been showcased internationally and included in Sotheby’s Glitch: Byeond Binary auction.

Eka Lestienne 

French artist Eka Lestienne doesn’t just embrace colorful palettes, she defines her work by their harmonic interplay and inherent energy. Channeling her artistic vision through mixed-medium digital works, Eka’s work explores the beauty she sees in the world through an optimistic lens, imbuing her output with positivity that she hopes to share with those who view it.

An environmentalist at heart, Eka has tailored her art practice to be “zero waste” and has placed in a number of contests, including winning the 2R2 Hope and Wonder Art Contest and Unfolding Tales of Cili Regalia Art Contest, placing second for COP26’s DigitalArt4Climate contests, and being a finalist for Claire Silver’s AI art competition,

Fares Micue

A self-taught Spanish photographer from Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Fares Micue transformed her photography hobby into a profound medium for sharing her insights and blending it with her passion for writing since 2009. Recognizing photography’s potential in 2015, she began to meticulously craft her images, focusing on location, color, and symbolism to convey rich, conceptual narratives centered on personal growth, self-love, and empowerment.

Her work, known for its vibrant colors and use of simple yet symbolic props like flowers and origami, aims to inspire self-appreciation and the belief in possibility. Micue’s photography, characterized by its aesthetic richness and depth, tells comprehensive stories of transformation and hope in each frame.

Aoife Dwyer

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aoife Dwyer is an accomplished artist and creative director with 18 years of experience in crafting bold, distinctive illustrations that explore perception, identity, and the fusion of natural and technological realms. Her unique approach is characterized by vibrant portrayals of otherworldly characters, underpinned by queer and neurodivergent perspectives. As the artist and founder of The Foofees, she created a community around her collection of 111 1/1 artworks.

In addition to her web3 pursuits, Aoife draws upon 12 years in the digital design industry as an active participant in Dublin’s creative and tech community. As the Creative Director at Each&Other, she leads efforts to simplify digital challenges, with a focus on digital and UI design, and mentors up-and-coming designers.

Grace Almera 

Hailing from the Philippines and based in Denmark, Grace Almera has carved out a distinctive niche at the intersection of fine art, fashion, and portrait photography. Her self-taught and surreal work melds dream-like imagery with reality, often featuring alternative fashion and creative costumes accompanying regal settings and subjects. Almera’s photography is deeply personal and therapeutic, expressing themes important to her through visual narratives, imaginative storytelling and collaboration.

Hola Kanola

Riska Amanda, known in the digital art world as Hola Kanola, is an Indonesian artist whose vibrant work has built her a following in the NFT space through mesmerizing colors and intricate textures. With a background as an engineer, Riska’s lifelong passion for art propelled her to leave her conventional career in 2019 and embark on a autodidactic journey into illustration.

By 2021, she had fully immersed herself in the burgeoning web3 space, where her dreamlike digital landscapes quickly garnered acclaim. This transition allowed her to dedicate herself fully to her art and connect with a global audience of enthusiasts and collectors, marking a significant turning point in her career. Through her work, Riska continues to embrace the joinder of digital innovation and physical artwork.


Raised in New Zealand’s coastal town of Devonport, KEZIA brings a meticulous eye and a passion for crafting rich visual and conceptual narratives to her work in film. A graduate of the Elam School of Fine Arts at Auckland University, her cinematic endeavours have been featured at BAFTA-qualifying and OSCAR-accredited festivals, while her prowess has been recognized with prestigious awards, including Golds at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, D&AD, The One Show, and AWARD, alongside being a finalist at Cannes Lions. In October 2023, she minted her Makersplace genesis collection, “Dance Interrupted,” combining her silver screen sensibilities with AI video. She has been minting work since 2022.

Lady Phe0nix 

Lady Phe0nix is a multidisciplinary creative and curator who founded crypto media platform Y3SUNIVERSE, web3 atelier Universe Contemporary, and Crypto Fashion Week. Since first rising to prominence in the web3 space by hosting Clubhouse rooms with some of the biggest names in the business, including Beeple’s landmark $69 million Christie’s sale, Lady Phe has applied her talents to a range of projects — from curating the “Proof Of Sovereignty” exhibition with Christie’s to launching her powerful VR/AR experience “Breonna’s Garden” in collaboration with Breonna Taylor’s younger sister, Ju’Niyah Palmer. After years of championing other artists, she minted her first artworks this month as part of a body of work called “Dialogue With the Endless.”


Hailing from Italy, Mina is a talented artist and illustrator whose work pairs vibrant colors with fantastical subjects ranging from imaginary creatures to planet-filled skies. When she’s not creating eye-popping artwork to list on Foundation, Mina can be found regaling listeners with her skills as a harpist.


Operating under the alias Aslan Ruby since 2021, Australian-Māori artist Sarana Haeata , has captured global attention with her digital creations, showcasing her art in cities from Sydney to San Francisco and earning accolades from celebrities like Randi Zuckerberg and Reese Witherspoon. Her work, created spontaneously without prior planning, reflects her journey through motherhood and womanhood, challenging societal norms and exploring the freedom of self-identity. Sarana’s art resonates with audiences by portraying the universal quest for authenticity and the liberating experience of existing beyond societal expectations.

Shreya Bhan

As the founder of Brushbound, Shreya Bhan is blending her 13 years of fashion industry expertise with a fresh foray into the web3 space. Under her leadership, Brushbound launched a sold-out NFT collection and has embraced a maximalist approach to sustainability marked by NFC-tagged garments for blockchain transparency, merging physical fashion with digital metaverse wearables. Shreya envisions a fashion future where artistry, sustainability, and technological innovation merge, offering co-created fashion experiences that push the boundaries of traditional design.

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