Credit: 9dcc/Stapleverse

9dcc x Stapleverse Baseball Cap Debuts During Paris Fashion Week

BY Andrew Rossow

September 15, 2023

The 9dcc x Stapleverse Lucky Sh*t Limited Edition Baseball Cap quickly sold out within hours of its debut during Paris Fashion Week. The collaboration between gmoney and Jeff Staple, which comprised an exclusive batch of 200 caps, vanished almost instantly, highlighting a next-gen demand for fashion tech created by today’s top designers.

This limited-edition cap, featuring Staple Design’s iconic pigeon motif and a distinctive poop stain on the brim, is more than just another fashion accessory. With a price point of $295 (approx. 0.19 ETH), each cap comes embedded with an NFC chip, granting its owner access to a digital twin of the cap and a Sapienz avatar. 

Additionally, cap owners will receive an airdrop on September 22 as long as they’ve claimed the hat’s certificate of authenticity (COA) through the NFC chip.

The COA, which serves as a gateway to that airdrop and the digital interaction that comes with it, paves the way for a new mechanism in which consumers are able to ensure they are purchasing high-end luxury fashion apparel. 

9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap to make debut
Credit: Stapleverse/9dcc

Gmoney, whose first steps into fashion tech came in the form of launching the first crypto-native fashion luxury house, 9dcc, has been recognized by the Vogue Business Disruptors 100 and featured on Fortune as one of the 50 most important people in NFTs. His ongoing commitment to producing NFC-powered fashion apparel and accessories undeniably keeps the NFT community on their toes in seeing how these physical garments are interlinked with blockchain technology. 

“Leveraging technology, we’ve ushered ‘Networked Products’ into the streetwear arena, crafting an evolved and immersive purchasing adventure,” said 9dcc’s Gmoney. He described the rapid sale of the 9dcc x Stapleverse Limited Edition Baseball Cap as a “vivid illustration” of this mechanism’s untapped potential. 

Last November, gmoney surprised the community by revealing his identity during The Gateway 2022 in New York as part of the ITERATION-02 release.

Staple, the founder of his native digital world, Stapleverse, along with Reed Art Department (f/k/a Staple Design), has worked on countless creative projects for clients ranging from startup brands to Fortune 100 companies. His STAPLE trademark, which he founded in 1997, is best known through the now infamous “Pigeon” logo that can be seen in this latest collaboration. 

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-3.5.

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