Co-Museum Unveils Golden Skateboard Physical Launch With Azuki and Tony Hawk

BY nft now Staff

June 10, 2024

Co-Museum has announced its first physical launch featuring a 24k gold-plated skateboard created by NFT anime brand Azuki and signed by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

The “Artifact 001: The Golden Skateboard” collectible is the first to use the Physical Backed Token (PBT) standard, bridging the digital and physical realms.

With the aim of making iconic artworks and artifacts accessible to a broader audience, Co-Museum is working to bridge exclusivity and inclusivity in the art world, fostering a cultural collective designed for the people, by the people.

Co-Museum aims to redefine art ownership by merging fine art with blockchain technology, creating digital and physical collectibles that offer meaningful ownership rights backed by the underlying artwork. By leveraging NFTs, Co-Museum enables individuals to co-own rare and significant artworks and artifacts, promoting a sense of community and collaboration.

“For too long, the experience of art ownership has been limited to a privileged few. We are here to change that. At Co-Museum, we are on a mission to empower art lovers and make art ownership accessible to all,” says Chaw Wei Yang, founder of Co-Museum. “We believe that art belongs to the people and should be accessible to everyone. We aim to solve this by offering a co-collecting experience that allows the public to feel meaningful ownership of artwork backed by tangible physical value, virtually verifiable through blockchain.”

Co-Museum also collaborates with YOON of AMBUSH, a prominent designer known for her work with brands like Nike and Dior. Together, they have created a line of clothing and jewelry titled Artifact 001: The Golden Skateboard c/o YOON, tied to the Azuki Golden Skateboard. Each NFT purchase grants co-collectors a random selection of asset-backed collectibles, including necklaces, apparel, art prints, and porcelain skateboard decks, all featuring scannable NFC chips for easy market trading.

“The collaboration with YOON brings together art, fashion, and culture, creating a unique ownership experience. By pioneering these asset-backed products, Co-Museum creates a stronger sense of co-collecting while celebrating such an iconic artifact, offering a complete digital-to-physical journey,” says Wei.

“Art and culture are the soul of our society,” says YOON. “In the past, art ownership meant you have the physical art piece, making it very exclusive. It is exciting to see that technology is making art accessible to more people now.”

Credit: Courtesy of Co-Museum

The Azuki Proof-of-Skate auction in 2022 introduced the concept of PBTs, tying physical items to digital tokens.

“The Azuki Golden Skateboard was not just a physical work of art but also a technological innovation. It pioneered the Physical Backed Token standard, and I’m proud to see it as the first asset-backed collectible for Co-Museum’s launch,” says Azuki founder, Zagabond.

Co-Museum offers verifiable interest in collectibles through blockchain, complemented by physical items and experiences for co-collectors. These collectibles provide a tangible connection to the communally-owned artifacts, enhancing the co-collecting experience and allowing individuals to proudly showcase their collections.

By transforming art collecting into a communal activity, Co-Museum creates a scenario where the collective value exceeds the sum of its parts. Through Asset-Backed Collectibles, Co-Museum invites everyone to participate in co-collecting culturally significant works, adding new physical, emotional, and communal dimensions.

Co-collectors can look forward to the release in early June. For more information, stay tuned to Co-Museum’s social media channels.

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

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