Pudgy Penguins Toys Expand To 1,100 More Walmart Stores

BY Lorepunk

February 21, 2024

In a notable development for broader adoption of Web3 culture, the Pudgy Penguins toy line, Pudgy Toys, will expand to 1,100 new Walmart stores in the United States.

After their initial debut in 2,000 Walmart locations in 2023, Pudgy Toys are also introducing thirty new collectibles, including action figures and Pudgy Igloo Collectibles. The toy line also won Toy Insider’s Summer Toy Of The Year in 2023. 

“Our strategic collaboration with Walmart has allowed Pudgy Penguins to reach new heights in the consumer market. The expansion into additional Walmart locations, alongside exclusive toy offerings, underscores the enduring appeal of Pudgy Penguins characters,” Pudgy CEO Luca Netz said in a statement.

Each of the collectible toys, exclusive to Walmart, comes with a QR code that unlocks unique traits and collectibles within Pudgy World, an open-world online game that is powered by the zkSync Era L2 blockchain.

The toys are connected to the existing traits and characters of existing Pudgy Penguins NFTs, the holders of those tokens will receive royalty payments. Pudgy Penguins have recently announced a licensing platform, OverpassIP, that enables community members to submit their Pudgy NFTs for consideration to be included in toy launches and other projects.

This latest expansion of the toy line features Pudgy Penguin NFTs submitted by real holders for consideration. With the technology, which is still in beta testing, holders can opt-in to real-time royalty tracking.

Credit: Pudgy Penguins

To celebrate the toy launch, Pudgy Penguins is also offering compensation to buyers who create a video of their unboxing of the new purchase.

A part of the Pudgy Penguins ethos is supporting creators. 

“If you create a video unboxing Pudgy Toys from Walmart, or from any of our retailers, you will be compensated for your work,” the Pudgy official account posted on X.

The video should be one minute thirty seconds long and be a review of a Pudgy toy that you’ve bought. Users who upload the videos to YouTube and submit on a dedicated page on the Pudgy website are eligible to receive between $50 and $100—with extra payment for uploading to TikTok.

Credit: Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguins have also redesigned the packaging for some of their toys, with a new Blind Box Collection series for their plush toys.

The Pudgy World game, which is in beta, is open to all toy purchasers and can be accessed at Alongside their offering at Walmart stores, the physical toys can also be purchased at

The announcements follow the floor price of the Pudgy Penguins NFT collection’s briefly surpassing the Bored Apes Yacht Club floor on Feb. 18.

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