Undervalued: Stampu, Adidas Capsules, Jadu Hoverboard, and More

BY Langston Thomas

June 10, 2022

Traversing the world of non-fungibles is a daunting task. With so many new NFT projects, artists, and large-scale collections cropping up weekly, it has become nearly impossible to keep up with all the new and exciting happenings.

Previously, all that was needed to find the latest NFT craze was a simple browse through OpenSea. But things have changed drastically since the 2021 NFT boom. Now, NFT enthusiasts have to be really mindful of what and where they collect.

To aid in the unearthing of awe-inspiring NFT endeavors both new and old nft now presents Undervalued: a weekly column highlighting innovative projects, collections, and artists pushing the NFT space forward.


Stampu, launched in September 2021, is an NFT project that allows collectors to send digital greetings to friends and acquaintances throughout the metaverse. Featuring a growing collection of multi-edition NFTs created by talented crypto-artists like SlimeSunday, DeeKay Kwon, Miguelgarest, and more, Stampu remains a unique and underrated facet of the NFT space.

Owners of Stampu NFTs are able to send messages, NFTs, and ETH as a sort of digital postcard. When a postcard is sent, the Stampu NFT is transferred to the recipient for them to use or keep — making the project a one-of-a-kind NFT-sharing endeavor.

Adidas Originals: Capsule Collection

Adidas Originals has been actively involved in the NFT space over the past year. With their Into the Metaverse initiative seen as one of the best use cases for brands to enter Web3 in a digitally-native way, the company’s latest endeavors — the Adidas Originals: Capsule Collection — has further solidified Adidas as a major player in the NFT ecosystem.

Launched in June 2022, the Capsule Collection draws on the cryptic and anonymous themes the NFT space has come to thrive on. Featuring more than 24,000 capsule-themed NFTs, Adidas Originals has been creating an enigmatic narrative around this new collection that is on par with the story building we’d expect from established projects like 10KTF.

Jadu Hoverboard

Jadu Hoverboard, launched in December 2021, is a collection of 6,666 NFT accessories that contribute toward the AR metaverse mission of the Jadu Web3 platform. Similar to their predecessor, the Jadu Jetpack — which gives metaverse avatars the ability to fly — these newer hoverboard NFTs come in varying degrees of rarity and allow avatars the ability to, well, hover.

The collection is currently compatible with a wide variety of PFP NFTs, including Meebits, FLUFs, VOIDs, Deadfellaz, CyberKongz, and more, and can be utilized within The Sandbox, with more collection and platform compatibility promised down the line. Featuring collaborations with Grimes, Lewis Hamilton, Snoop Dogg. Mimi, and Trippy, Hoverboards are yet another step in the roadmap towards Jadu’s Mirrorverse: an augmented reality game-world built around virtual items and owned by its community of players.


LinksDAO, launched January 2022, is the genesis NFT drop from the recently launched golf and leisure club LinksDAO. The Links Organization is essentially a global community of thousands of golf enthusiasts that are crowdfunding the acquisition of a physical club and course.

Currently, the LinksDAO OpenSea collection is comprised of 9,090 NFTs, split into two tiers: Leisure and Global. Each tier yields a different set of incentives, mirroring other DAO x membership NFT projects launched over the past year. Links is a unique endeavor that provides an interesting use case for DAO and NFT endeavors aiming to create a value crossover from the metaverse to the real world.

Arpeggi Genesis

Arpeggi Genesis Studio Pass is the inaugural collection from Arpeggi Labs, a Web3 music software company bringing digital audio production to the blockchain. Each NFT within the collection act as a pass to interact with the first-ever on-chain creative music platform, Arpeggi Studio.

As the music sector of the NFT market has continued to grow, Arpeggi Studio remains one of the only projects that allows users to create entire songs via an online sequencing software. While most music NFT platforms focus on distribution, Arpeggi allows users to create and mint songs directly to the Ethereum blockchain and into their personal wallet using the Genesis Studio Pass. In this way, Arpeggi presents a truly unique use case for music on the blockchain.

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