Upcoming Drops: April 3-9

BY Langston Thomas

April 03, 2023

Let’s face it: The NFT space moves really fast. Considering how quickly things can change in the metaverse, a week in NFTs might as well be a month IRL.

Don’t get us wrong — the more people onboarded into the space, the merrier. But because of the constant influx of great art and ideas, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all the news, launches, and general happenings.

Well, you can put the days of endless Twitter and Discord scrolling behind you, as we pull together a weekly list of upcoming NFT drops you definitely don’t want to miss. Here’s what to look out for this week.

LiveArt X Card

Who: LiveArt

What: 3,500 membership card NFTs

When: April 4 @ 8 a.m. ET (presale) and 10 a.m. ET (public sale)


Why: Founded by Sotheby’s and Christie’s veterans, trading and analytics platform LiveArt created the X Card to help “put an end to NFT flipping and speculation.” Card holders can enjoy a wide range of benefits including exclusive whitelists, art market insights, $ART token rewards, and more. LiveArt’s release is in partnership with IV Gallery, whose artist roster includes Beeple, Pak, WhIsBe, and BossLogic.

Iron Paw Gang

Who: Adam Ape and Random Character Collective

What: A boutique, generative audio-visual project

When: April 3 @ 5 p.m. EST


Why: Iron Paw Gang is a narrative-driven mech project that takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape. The project builds on the walk-cycle genre and will include swappable driver PFPs and generative soundscapes uniquely tailored to each animation.

Mech Army

Mech Army by Javier Arrés
Credit: Javier Arrés

Who: Javier Arrés

What: Phygital robot 1/1s

When: April 4 @ 6:30 p.m. ET

Where: MakersPlace

Why: Exhibited at NFT Paris, Mech Army is the latest digital toy collection from world-renowned GIF artist Javier Arrés. For this special drop, Arrés brings his digital toys into the real world for the first time ever as a small-batch generative collection of physical x digital robots. Spanning four releases, each NFT robot will come with an unlockable corresponding physical version.


Who: Tyler Bancroft, FWB, and Zora

What: 444 DAO pass NFTs

When: April 5 @ 1 p.m. ET


Why: List3n is a new music-focused DAO with two main goals: to financially support emerging artists in the Web3 space and to invest in music NFTs. By purchasing a List3n pass, holders will share in all decision-making processes concerning the DAO and share in the value accrued from supporting artists and projects.

Gotta Get Gurt

Who: Defaced

What: 1,000 character card NFTs

When: April 7 (public sale), time TBA

Where: TBA via Defaced Twitter

Why: Having maintained a low profile in the NFT space since dropping his coveted Defaced ‘N’ Friends collection in 2021, Defaced has returned with a new sizeable endeavor. Centered around the character “Gurt,” this latest release will feature 1,000 NFTs spread across 12 character cards, with two 1/1s hidden somewhere among them.

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