8 Crypto Art Pieces That Celebrate Bitcoin

BY Langston Thomas β€’

October 21, 2021

It’s been a big year for Bitcoin maximalists. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has continued to set records, and on Oct. 20, Bitcoin smashed its previous records, hitting a new all-time high of more than $66,000.

After previously reaching a high of nearly $64,000 in April, only to then see a slump below $30,000 in the summer, 2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year. But as the world’s leading cryptocurrency broke records yet again this week, Q4 might just be BTC’s most fortuitous uptick yet.

To celebrate the new ATH, we’ve compiled a list of influential pieces of crypto art that pay homage to Bitcoin. Whether making the cryptocurrency the subject or simply referencing it, these pieces of art have helped expand the growing cultural relevancy of BTC.

Rare Pepe Nakamoto Card

The Nakamoto Rare Pepe card is one of the earliest tradeable digital assets. Established in 2016, predating NFTs, the Rare Pepe Wallet grew from the influence of this specific card, becoming one of the earliest blockchain tools that made it possible to buy, sell and trade digital artworks.

Coin Artist’s Bitcoin Puzzle

Coin Artist is attributed as one of the earlier pioneers of crypto puzzles. A dominant force in NFTs, launching numerous popular endeavors including Plasma Bears, Coin Artist’s Bitcoin puzzle sat unsolved for nearly three years, becoming infamous within the then still budding NFT scene.

Rare Scrilla’s ‘Bitcoin Whale’

Minted back in February of 2019, Rare Scrilla’s ‘Bitcoin Whale’ sat untouched for nearly two years before its creator accepted a bid in September 2020. As the NFT market had only just started heating up toward the end of that year, “Bitcoin Whale” has continued to live on as one of the most notable early BTC-focused NFTs.

Trevor Jones’ ‘The Bitcoin Angel’

Trevor Jones struck gold with his “Bitcoin Angel” in February of 2021. Having raked in $3.2 million in sales, the static piece achieved the title of most expensive open edition, making headlines as the NFT bullrun began.

Josie’s ‘Filter’

Crypto-art OG Josie has turned heads over the years with her unique social commentary-focused pieces. The AR-enabled piece introduced her iconic Bitcoin gas-mask design to the world.

Lushsux’s ‘Satoshinator’

Lushsux, one of Australia’s most prolific street artists, has long been a dominant force in meme culture. With his THE 8 collection, Lushsux introduced this Terminator-themed take on suspected Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

XCOPY’s ‘Bitcoin Protestors’

XCOPY, one of the earliest and most notable crypto artists, has a lengthy catalog of unique, creepy social commentary-focused NFTs. In his long career of minting impressive animated pieces, he’s released a few inspired by Bitcoin.

Cryptograffiti’s Bitcoin Curio Cards

Curio Cards, a legacy project dating back to 2017, has found new popularity in the 2021 NFT market. Out of 30 digital cards created by various artists, three of them β€” created by crypto artist Cryptograffiti β€” are inspired by Bitcoin.

Photo courtesy of Trevor Jones.


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