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Now Runway: Cult & Rain’s Virtual Space Station, Louis Vuitton’s New NFTs, and More

BY Afrodet Zuri

June 09, 2023

Welcome back to Now Runway, where we report to you from the frontlines of the digital fashion and luxury revolution. 9DCC, the digital fashion house from gmoney and streetwear pioneer Jeff Staple tease out a networked product to be revealed at Paris Fashion Week. DRAUP and Nicolas Sassoon give us this week’s more affordable collector’s item: an augmented reality cape available exclusively on Zora.

Read on to see what luxury item Louis Vuitton may let you purchase for €39,000, how to join the quickly growing cult of P00LS to find the most coveted sneakers, and what else you missed this week.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton made a major announcement with the introduction of the VIA Treasure Trunk NFT collection. According to their press release, the trunk is “designed for those who seek to travel through new dreams and new realities, and collect unique creations along the way.”

Louis Vuitton Trunk
Credit: Louis Vuitton

A dedicated page on Louis Vuitton’s website allows users to register for the opportunity to acquire one of the limited and exclusive VIA Treasure Trunks, priced at €39,000 (approx. $41,000). These trunks will serve as gateways into Louis Vuitton’s world, unveiling new, limited products and experiences through immersive drops that will be launched periodically throughout the year.

The VIA Treasure Trunks are Soulbound, ensuring unique and lasting ownership. The world of VIA will open up wonder through a continuous series of digital keys, enabling Treasure Trunk owners to access previously unseen Maison collectibles. Each collectible is revealed through the Treasure Trunk in a digital format, accompanied by exclusive access to a physical counterpart. The first key will be available a few weeks after the Digital Trunk launch.

The VIA Treasure Trunk is available on the Louis Vuitton website in the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Australia.


P00LS, a Web3 community developer, launched a partnership with renowned sneaker collector Drakula de la Grasa to grant P00LS’ token ($00) holders exclusive access to some of the rarest and most sought-after sneakers. This partnership is an extension of P00LS’ cultural rewards initiative, which provides $00 holders with unparalleled entry to distinctive cultural experiences while promoting the exploration of emerging artists and brands.

For the first time ever, Drakula de la Grasa, a notorious sneaker collector, influencer, and founder of Loteria de la Leche and Retro Kicks NYC, is offering his exceptional collection of rare sneakers to a Web3 community. Starting with pairs of Travis Scott Air Jordan Low OG “Olive,” de la Grasa will periodically reserve a limited number of the world’s rarest sneakers exclusively for $00 token holders.

Sneaker Raffle details
Credit: P00LS

To participate in the sale, customers must hold a specific quantity of $00 tokens, connect to – the website hosting all perks for $00 holders – purchase a raffle ticket and join the raffle a few days later (instructions will be shared on P00LS’ social media channels).

The program operates similarly to a points-based system, with its value rooted in enhanced cultural access. Users can accumulate $00 tokens by purchasing them on major crypto exchanges like Coinbase or KuCoin or earning them for free on the P00LS platform through activities such as completing quizzes, buying NFTs, scanning QR codes, and participating in other quests. The more tokens individuals possess, the greater their access to exclusive events and experiences.

Cult & Rain

This week, Cult & Rain announced Cultr Pad, a virtual space station situated within its metaverse, Cultr World. Building on last year’s Cultr World launch, the Web3-based luxury fashion brand introduced the subsequent layer of the immersive and gamified metaverse Lounge and Shop, offering a virtual e-commerce shop.

Cult & Rain space station exterior
Credit: Cult & Rain

Each Cult & Rain NFT holder (GENESIS, DROP 001, and DROP 002) will gain exclusive access to their personalized Cultr Pad as part of the utility associated with each NFT. While Cultr World remains accessible to the general public, individual Cultr Pads will be token-gated exclusively for holders.

Cultr Pad showcases four distinct and customizable spaces, each catering to various facets of the gamified metaverse experience: Mothership (command center), DJ Room (box seats to live events), Theater (immersive streaming), and Gallery (showcase art and NFTs). 

Credit: Cult & Rain

Upon arrival at Cultr Pad, users can select from an assortment of Cultr Avatars or connect a Ready Player Me compatible skin to showcase their unique digital persona. Cultr Pad was designed in collaboration with Cult & Rain’s leading metaverse creator, SwivelMeta. Cultr Pad plans to expand its offerings with added features, a multitude of customized functions, games, and exclusive digital assets tailored to the rarity of each holder’s existing NFT(s).

The Fabricant

In collaboration with digital fashion house The Fabricant, H&M Group-owned European retailer Weekday ventures into the realm of digital with the limited-edition Artifact 001 drop. This release comprises two digital collectibles: a striking pair of sunglasses available in black or white. Physical counterparts of the glasses will be available for purchase on Weekday.

The Fabricant spiky purple sunglasses
Credit: The Fabricant

“The design inspiration comes from stalactites and stalagmites; the mineral formations that take thousands of years to take shape. It’s an exciting clash to bring something extremely old and organic into a digital layer we’ve only just started to scratch. I mean who knows, a digital collectible might outlast your average stalactite…” Alice Shulman, Design lead, Creative Initiatives & Co-labs at Weekday shared in a press release. 

Artifact 001 is limited to 300 pieces and drops June 13 at 5 pm CET at The Fabricant’s website.

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