Exclusive Q&A: How Blockparty Is Empowering Warner Music Artists to Create NFTs

BY Langston Thomas

February 01, 2022

For years, Blockparty has remained at the forefront of innovation in music NFTs. Having easily become one of the most prominent platforms for digital collectibles since launching in 2017, the NFT powerhouse is now expanding on its mission to empower artists, musicians, and brands by partnering with Warner Music Group.

With this major-label partnership, Blockparty will enable Warner Music artists to be among the very first creators to receive access to their cutting-edge web3 technology. Artists will be able to leverage the platform’s community-focused trading platform that allows collectors to swap digital assets in a way that hasn’t existed until now.

In 2022, Blockparty is poised to completely change the music NFT ecosystem. Through powering next-generation NFT-commerce, Blockarty’s CEO Vladislav Ginzburg says the company is aiming to help creators and collectors bridge the gap between new audiences and the NFT community.

“Blockparty was built with community in mind and supports all brands, artists, creators, fans, and collectors’ efforts to connect with each other through NFTs,” Ginzburg tells nft now. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a crypto enthusiast or it’s your first time hearing about NFTs, our platform was built with everyone in mind.”

Read our full Q&A with Blockarty CEO Vladislav Ginzburg below:

What sets Blockparty apart from other NFT/digital collectibles platforms?

Blockparty has been at the forefront of music NFTs since being founded in 2017 and launching in early 2018. We’ve worked with R&B artists (Bestlife Music Festival) and Electronic (Elements Music and Art Festival) in addition to speaking on web3 at various music industry conferences. Blockparty now powers next-generation NFT-commerce to help creators and collectors bridge the gap between new audiences and the NFT community, giving them the opportunity to connect directly to their favorite artists, brands, and creators for a truly unique experience. We’re also the lead developer of NFT Protocol and its Decentralized Exchange, which is a community-focused trading platform that allows collectors to swap digital assets in a way that hasn’t existed until now by giving them the option to bundle-sell their NFTs.

How did this WMG partnership come about?

Blockparty and WMG initially made contact early in 2021. Warner was already ahead of the curve exploring web3 for their artists. Once securing the partnership, WMG and Blockparty spent months meeting with musicians to educate artists, answer questions and set strategy for web3. Redefining the notion of artist and fan relationships has been at the forefront of these discussions. In turn, focusing on artist lead storytelling has helped Blockparty build its platform to more closely align with the needs of artists and their communities. 


What, in your opinion, is the most exciting or interesting aspect of this collaborative effort with WMG?

The fact that Warner Music Group is Blockparty’s first major-label partnership is in and of itself extremely exciting. But I would say giving WMG’s artists and songwriters early access to Blockparty’s first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is really interesting. Until now, a tool hasn’t existed that allows creators and collectors to bundle-sell their NFTs, where they can combine existing NFTs to swap, trade, or sell. Sharing in the value they generate for the community is an exciting possibility. 

Why should collectors and consumers be paying more attention to music NFTs?

In addition to being the world’s best at their musical abilities, musicians are incredible community builders thanks to their talent and music’s inherent ability to unite people. Collectors and consumers should be paying attention to Music NFTs because of the new avenues for engagement, relationship building, and connections that musicians will have to be creative with. What we see come from this partnership is beyond our imagination at the moment, but at last no longer beyond our capability. 

Music NFTs are a great way for musicians and songwriters to be equitably compensated for their work while also giving fans and collectors direct access to connect with their favorite musicians in ways they never have before. Additionally, with COVID-19 continuing to put live touring and in-person concerts on hold, NFTs present a safe opportunity for musicians and fans to continue enjoying the music experience and create new, unique memories together. Music NFTs are the future. 

What can we expect from Blockparty x WMG in 2022?

The NFT community can expect artist-driven drops that feature the stories of why artists are engaging the community in this new way, what they hope to accomplish with their communities, and new ways of experiencing their creativity. We’ll be releasing the first few drops in the next 10 days.

February will mark the first collaborative WMG x Blockparty drops. We have been busy linking musicians with visual artists to bring concepts to life. Every month will feature amazing drops leveraging the various tooling of Blockpartys platform.

Learn more about the web3 tools now offered to WMG artists via the Blockparty website here.

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