How OnCyber’s World Builder is Open Sourcing Community Creativity

BY Arthur Parkhouse

August 18, 2023

OnCyber, the Web3-based multiverse for creators, best known for its virtual environments that enable an elevated experience of digital assets, has recently released a significant update that aims to harness the collective creativity of the broader Web3 community.

Concept to cultural phenomenon

To understand the new tool, WORLD BUILDER, we spoke with the platform’s founder and CEO Rayan, to provide perspective on the gravity of OnCyber’s continued adoption and success, which took us back to its origins.

“OnCyber was started in early 2021, with the premise of being the easiest place to showcase NFTS through immersive experiences,” he explained, adding “While other metaverse platforms allowed people to create within their ecosystem, none had a user experience that truly allowed all newcomers to participate,” as these platforms required either capital or complex design skills.

“OnCyber was started in early 2021, with the premise of being the easiest place to showcase NFTS through immersive experiences,”


Rayan further explained that “From its inception, OnCyber quickly grew into a cultural phenomenon in Web3, being used to showcase some of the most impressive artworks and collections in CryptoArt, amounting to around $1.5b of assets value [via purchases] displayed by their owners or creators in OnCyber worlds.”

The CEO, CryptoPunk, and art collector shared that the platform quickly became a place to socialize, as they introduced a chat feature alongside user-controlled avatars. Since the launch of these features, OnCyber has been the go-to platform for a variety of significant immersive experiences, including Takashi Murakami’s Gagosian exhibition ‘An Arrow through History,’ RTFKT’s Space Pods, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and more.

Another aspect that is great about these spaces, is that even after the physical counterparts have been disassembled and essentially lost to time – OnCyber’s virtual worlds live on, available to visit and relive memories at will.

Furthermore, with the release of its new WORLD BUILDER tool, the platform is now putting the entire Web3 community in a position where their creativity is truly the limit.

Building with the community

“Open-source” is often a buzzword touted in the Web3 community and sometime’s it’s sincere, other times maybe not. However, in this particular case, whether intentional or not, OnCyber, by offering its new tool completely for free, has tapped into the collective creativity of the Web3 community – which by open-source principles should rapidly accelerate the adoption and growth of virtual spaces.

Speaking on the new tool, Rayan shared that “Ever since the start of OnCyber, the mission has been to offer the easiest tools to build immersive experiences in the browser,” he explained that in version one, this was provided through architects creating static templates that people could use “as is.” However, this came at the expense of flexibility and also saw many of the spaces limited by either mint quantity or paywalls.

Rayan added that “With world building, our community is now empowered to do so much more and can express themselves with worlds of all shapes and dimensions in the most UX-friendly manner.”

Since its launch, just a little over a week ago at the time of writing, OnCyber’s WORLD BUILDER has seen lots of creators step forward and use the tool as well as UX designers and architects step up to develop packs of additional assets that these creators can use to build their dream worlds.

Whether you need a virtual space for a personal gallery, an official exhibition, a place to gather for a keynote, or just to watch a YouTube video with friends while defying gravity, OnCyber is the place for you.

Should you decide to give the new tool a spin, do let us know what you think about it and tag us in your creations on Twitter, we’d love to see them! Happy world-building.

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