Inside Wilder World’s Multiplayer Metaverse Being Unveiled at Gateway Miami

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December 06, 2023

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Wilder World, the new multiplayer metaverse, is primed to redefine the realms of digital engagement. By harnessing the unprecedented capabilities of photorealism, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology, it pledges to deliver a virtual experience without parallel, setting a new benchmark for what a metaverse can offer.

Wilder World will also be featuring an immersive installation at this year’s Gateway Miami. From December 6-8, Gateway Miami will transform the Faena Forum in South Beach into an immersive garden and audiovisual art showcase, with interactive exhibits, fireside chats, and keynote presentations.

The Virtual City of Wiami

In an innovative partnership with the City of Miami, Wilder World has crafted its inaugural city, “Wiami.” This virtual metropolis is not just a replica but an expansion of Miami’s vibrant life and culture, informed by OSM city data. Wiami is not merely a backdrop; it’s a sprawling digital ecosystem where exploration and interaction are on a scale that dwarfs standard MMO environments.

Midnight in Wiami, Gaming Experiences and Metaverse Experiences

“Midnight in Wiami” heralds Wilder World’s foray into playable metaverse experiences. This forthcoming racing game will introduce the metaverse in a “technically live” state, albeit initially for testing.

Midnight in Wiami is an electric racing game immersing the players in a nocturnal, photorealistic adventure across Wiami’s evolving landscape. The integration of blockchain mechanics with the $WILD token and Wheels industry economies is a bold step in iterative gameplay enhancement.

The gaming industry, forecasted to be worth $339.7 billion by 2025, is ripe for Wilder World’s immersive AAA-quality experiences. Blockchain integration is set to elevate the gaming ecosystem to meet industry growth projections. 

As for the metaverse, Wilder World’s initiative is to captivate both web3 aficionados and mainstream users with its $1.5 trillion potential. NFTs with genuine utility fortify this vision, granting players true ownership in the metaverse.

Dennis, Crow, Head Game Designer at Wilder World, says the goal when creating a metaverse, is starting with exploration in mind. He says it’s important to allow users to experience a world, an exploration fantasy.

“We are building a digital futuristic city of Wiami. We think about a North American city with streets and buildings, with the size of it in the tens of kilometers squared. So, in order to explore a city, a player is going to have to move around. So we want to make movement as fun as possible. We want to make sure moving around is fun on a minute-to-minute basis— so that led us to wheels.”

That thought process is how Crow and his team came up with the concept of centering everything on a car. “We thought, ‘Let’s make really fun driving gameplay that’s very engaging. Let’s bring experts that can procedurally craft a city, that can build really beautiful streets and lighting,” he added. “When we end up with one versus one racing, it sounds really cool, but it all links back to the core player fantasy of wanting to explore a metaverse city.”

“We think about a North American city with streets and buildings, the size of it in the tens of kilometers squared. So, in order to explore a city, a player is going to have to move around. We want to make sure moving around is fun on a minute-to-minute basis— so that led us to wheels [and cars].”

Dennis Crow, Head game designer, Wilder world

The Technological Marvel of Wilder World

Wilder World is a marvel of modern technology, leveraging state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5 for photorealism and AI for dynamic interactions. It’s a showcase of how gaming, powered by blockchain, can create a metaverse that’s not only visually stunning but also functionally profound.

The metaverse’s economy finds solid grounding in Wilder World’s NFT collections, offering tangible utility and in-game use. This approach not only enhances the gaming experience but also contributes to the intrinsic value of digital assets within the ecosystem.

“We also have a number of other technologies that we’re working on,” co-founder Frank Wilder said. “So we’re working on a sovereign AI technology that enables having AI in different parts of the world for example traffic patterns, NPCs, weather patterns, etc. So we’re building these general AI models that can be used across a variety of elements.”

He also added that the team also has three major partnerships. But, their approach to technologies is a combination of building their own things and partnering with the best in class.

“Those are for high scale concurrency. We’ve been working with a partner where it will allow between you know 10,000 and 50,000 concurrent users in a single shard depending on the situation and that’s pretty much unprecedented in terms of MMOs. In a modern MMO you might get about 150 people in a single server.”

Credit: Wilder World

Funding, NFT Revenue, and WILD Token Utility

With significant funding rounds and substantial NFT sales revenue, Wilder World’s financial footing is robust. The $WILD token stands central to the game’s economy, serving as the currency for transactions, governance, and more.


The development of Wilder World is driven by a global team of industry veterans, backed by influential players in the tech and gaming industries. Strategic partnerships with tech giants and blockchain pioneers further bolster Wilder World’s position in the market.

Wilder World boasts an impressive community across multiple platforms, indicative of the metaverse’s burgeoning appeal and the team’s commitment to inclusive growth and engagement.

The Roadmap Ahead

The roadmap for Wilder World indicates an ambitious yet methodical progression of releases and features, aimed at steadily enhancing the metaverse experience for its users.

Wilder World aims to tackle the current gaps in the metaverse market, striving to deliver an experience that resonates beyond the crypto and gaming niches to entice a global audience. With a strategy to integrate gaming, e-commerce, and social media, Wilder World could be a gateway for millions to the crypto world.

When inquired about their plans for future cities beyond Wiami, the team mentioned that it is indeed a long-term objective, but their current priority is to excel in their task at hand.

“It’s not to say we don’t want to do more cities in the future, but through really building out Wiami in its entirety and considering all the things, it’s actually through doing that that will allow us to have the playbook in the future to launch more cities,” said Neo and Frank. “It will be challenging until it’s not. And once we’re there, we really see the ability to, yeah, open up these tools to the community, other creators, all sorts of things like that.”

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