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No Sewer Pass? Here’s How You Can Still Play BAYC’s Dookey Dash

BY Langston Thomas

January 27, 2023

It’s been a week since Dookey Dash went live, and the hype surrounding Yuga Labs’ skills-based endless runner-style game has yet to die down. From leisure gamers to competitive players (and even those looking to hire out for a high score), it seems everyone wants to take a shot at the hot new Bored Ape Yacht Club game. And who can blame them? NFT sales are up more than 40 percent in January. BAYC-related assets are leading the charge, having claimed a seriously significant portion of the total ETH NFT volume for the month.

But not everyone can get a run at the sewers. You see, without claiming a Sewer Pass (which is only available to BAYC/MAYC holders) or buying one for around 3 ETH (upwards of $4,500) on secondaries, general NFT enthusiasts don’t have any way to access the popular game. They didn’t, that is, until very recently — because one prominent NFT collector has taken it upon himself to make the game more accessible.

The tropoFarmer method

No sewer pass? Just borrow one. Pseudonymous NFT collector and influencer tropoFarmer has devised a way to allow fellow BAYC enthusiasts to use his Sewer Pass to log some hours in Dookey Dash. Using Delegate Cash, a service trusted by Yuga Labs, he created and assigned a fresh new MetaMask hot wallet as a delegate for the cold wallet where his Sewer Pass is stored. Thus creating an effective way to use his Sewer Pass without ever taking it out of safekeeping.

To access tropo’s hot wallet and play Dookey Dash, users need only import the wallet’s specific private key into their MetaMask extension, then connect the wallet to the Dookey Dash site and play. He asks that his followers keep his Sewer Pass loan system safe and accessible by refraining from sending NFTs or crypto to the hot wallet or using it for anything else besides Dookey Dash play.

For those who endeavor to take tropo up on his offer, make sure to check out our six tips and tricks for landing a high score. It should be noted, though, that regardless of how generous and robust the tropoFarmer method is, only one person can play Dookey Dash with his hot wallet at a time — a big drawback. So for the users who may want to find a different way to experience the game without jumping through any hoops, there’s still hope.

Where to experience Dookey Dash

If you can’t game, you can always watch. While Web3 gaming streamers are still relatively few and far between, those that have taken up the cause of bringing NFT gaming content to Twitch and YouTube have been taking steady cracks at Dookey Dash. If you’re interested in spectating, head to Twitter, search “Dookey Dash,” and scroll through the video section of the results to get a sense of who is streaming Dookey Dash and what sort of scores they’re achieving. To get straight to viewing, enthusiasts can watch full playthroughs courtesy of Benzinga, The Schiller, and George NFTs. For more of a real-time experience, head over to Twitch and set reminders to catch OnChainTV founder Morgan, PaperApe, and others streaming the game live.

While watching others play won’t bring you any closer to participating in the ongoing BAYC mint and potentially achieving a rare NFT down the line (more on that here), sometimes just being able to participate in the culture being created on the blockchain is good enough. After all, the true value behind Web3 and NFTs lies far beyond use cases involving money and art.

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