Snuffy Transforms His First 555 Tattoos into New NFT Collection

BY Langston Thomas

January 06, 2022

While digital art continues to dominate the NFT ecosystem, photographers, musicians, and artists of all creeds have been spearheading efforts to bring their unique craft to the forefront of the non-fungible market. And when it comes to innovative, multidisciplinary NFT projects, luminary tattoo artist Snuffy has set himself apart from the pack yet again with his latest endeavor, the Snuffy 500.

In an effort to bring tattooing into the metaverse, Snuffy, real name Julius Margulies, has unveiled his NFT magnum opus. Dropping at Snuffy.NYC over the course of three days from Jan. 9-11, the Snuffy 500 will feature 555 1/1s that represent thousands of hours of work and the first 555 pieces of art Snuffy ever tattooed.

With this new project, Snuffy is aiming to give back to the people that have supported him since day one. In doing so, he also hopes to onboard his friends, clients and followers into the NFT space. Having kept a paper copy of every tattoo he’s ever done, the New York-based artist has now invited the owners of these first 555 tattoos to collect their pieces on the blockchain.

“From the day that I started tattooing, it [his stencils] just felt like a receipt of that day,” Snuffy tells nft now. “So these are all receipts of stories of my soul and my clients’ souls and just like, this memento of one day in my life.”

Reflective of his onboarding efforts, Snuffy opened a submission form back in the fall to allow his past clients the opportunity to reach out and redeem their tattoos as NFTs via the Snuffy 500. And with the redemption period closed, minting will open on Jan. 9 only to those who own an IRL Snuffy tattoo and that contacted him before the claim period ended in late 2021.

On Jan. 10, the collection will open to those who own a Snuffy NFT from either Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, or Foundation and are holding it in their wallet prior to a snapshot set to be taken on Jan. 9 at 12 p.m. ET. Then on the final day, the Snuffy 500 will open to the public — but Snuffy says he doesn’t see many pieces making it past Jan. 10.

“Public drop is on the 11th. And I mean, I’m not sure if I see this hitting the public drop,” Snuffy tells nft now. “I have enough collectors that if every collector purchases one… and a half pieces, then they’re all gone.”

As we’ve seen countless 10,000 supply NFT drops sell out in minutes over the past year, Snuffy’s projections for his forthcoming drop may turn out to be spot on. And as someone who seems to be wholeheartedly invested in NFTs for the long run, his confidence surrounding the project undoubtedly comes from the support he’s garnered since bursting onto the via his & Pete Davidson’s collab Nifty Gateway drop.

“I’m reaching a point where if you want to get a tattoo from me, anytime in the future, you’re going to need to own one of my NFT’s,” Snuffy tells nft now. “I just have such a strong community in the NFT space. It would take me the rest of my life to actually tattoo all the people want a tattoo.”

To learn more about the Snuffy 500, visit Snuffy.NYC.

Photos courtesy of Snuffy.

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