The NFT100 2023: Meet This Year’s Honorees

BY nft now staff

April 11, 2023

Web3 is a breeding ground for innovation, almost by definition. The digital token economy is still nascent — cue the tried and true rhetoric of being early to the party — and that’s precisely why the NFT community is able to push the envelope of what’s possible in the new digital age. 

Art, tech, finance; few industries, if any, are likely to be untouched by the increasing proliferation of blockchain-based technologies, and it shows. Web3’s influence rightfully has a reputation for being tough to keep up with. While that can lead to burnout if not managed properly, having an overabundance of ingenuity and entrepreneurship is a wonderful problem to have. But due to the inherently online nature of the NFT ecosystem, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the human element of it all. Real people are driving these changes and breakthroughs, and they deserve recognition for doing so.

To recognize and honor the individuals powering Web3’s evolution, we’re unveiling the NFT100, our annual list showcasing the most influential individuals in Web3.

“The NFT100 returns to celebrate the inspiring creators and community leaders who continue to push the Web3 space forward despite the market downturn,” says Matt Medved, co-founder, CEO, and EIC of nft now. “This year’s list focuses on achievements over the past year and recognizes the most exciting developments during that time period, from the rise of digital fashion and GameFi to innovation around Bitcoin Ordinals and soulbound tokens.”

Building upon the inaugural NFT100 List in 2022, the 2023 list is an unranked and category-specific showcase that serves as a comprehensive snapshot of the most diverse and exciting talents in the space with a focus on achievements over the past year. The NFT100 list features two categories: Creators— comprised of artists, photographers, musicians, designers, and more; and Communities— recognizing builders, tastemakers, innovators, and leaders shaping the future of the NFT space.

Today, we’re proud to unveil the recipients of this distinction. Welcome to the 2023 edition of the NFT100.


NFT100 Spotlight interviews

This year, as part of our editorial package, we’re including a number of spotlight features on select NFT100 honorees.

How we curate the NFT100

For this year’s NFT100 List, nominations were sourced exclusively from holders of the Now Pass, nft now’s membership community. Launched in March of 2023, the Now Pass is the key to unparalleled access in nft now’s ecosystem – also known as the Now Network. While all nominations were considered by our editorial team, being nominated was not a prerequisite for consideration or inclusion.

To evaluate candidates and determine final selections, our editorial team used a holistic blend of tangible data points and culturally and socially relevant factors. Considerations included: NFT sales and volume across major marketplaces, social impact, innovation, history in the community, engagement, participation, and more.

Such a broad spectrum of considerations naturally results in a wide variety of figures. On this year’s list of honorees, you will find artists whose work covers a continuum of creative fields. These creators don’t stand alone, however. Appearing alongside them are community leaders and builders who extend Web3’s opportunities to underserved and underrepresented communities, help creatives and their audiences connect, and grow the ecosystem into far more than a niche playground for the tech curious, onboarding literal millions in the process.

Apart from inspiring our readers to think about the myriad contributions of the creators and community members chosen, we sincerely hope that this list encourages even more spirited and good-natured reflection and debate on both Web3’s accomplishments and failures. At the same time, we recognize that it is only against a backdrop of success that the community can pinpoint its shortcomings — a dynamic true to Web3’s spirit and ethos and something we can all be grateful for. 

With love and respect to the Web3 community and all our readers,

The nft now staff

Editor’s note: The list of honorees includes investors at nft now; however, selections were made exclusively by editorial teams.

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