The Now Pass Sold Out. Here’s What’s Next.

BY Matt Medved

March 28, 2023

It’s official. The community has spoken, and the future of media is tokenized.

The Now Pass has officially minted out, raising 624 ETH ($1.1 million) in under 48 hours. This landmark moment supports our vision for the Now Network — the foundation for all of nft now’s initiatives to build the future of tokenized media, pioneer a community-centric media model, and bring about a more creator-friendly future.

These results are awe-inspiring for a two-year-old media company, not to mention any project in the depths of a bear market. The fact that we accomplished this when more traditional Web2 publications like GQ and National Geographic struggled to enter the NFT space successfully proves that nft now is leading the way for the future of media. 

The Now Network currently includes 1,729 unique Now Pass holders worldwide, including leading demographics from the United States, Germany, and China. We welcome you to join our fast-growing community by picking up a Now Pass on OpenSea.

An extraordinary community

From day one, nft now’s mission has been anchored on empowering the creators of culture, so it’s only fitting to count so many talented creators in our community. From FVCKRENDER, Krista Kim, Coldie, and Pak to Alpha Centauri Kid, Blake Kathryn, WhIsBe, and ThankYouX, we feel fortunate to have the support of many of web3’s most pioneering artists. 

As long-time champions of photography NFTs, we are also grateful to welcome leaders like Drift, Julie Pacino, Dave Krugman, JN Silva, and Swopes to our community. And as significant supporters of the Web3 music movement, it’s likewise gratifying to count the likes of Steve Aoki, Black Coffee, Latasha, Don Diablo, and Heno among our ranks.

We’re also happy to have community leaders like 9GAG’s Ray Chan, GMoney, Frank DeGods, Seedphrase, Pranksy, Keith Grossman, Megan Kaspar, Cooper Turley, Meltem Demirors, Illestrater, Avery Akkineni, Misan Harriman, Swan Sit, Mondoir, YeahYeah, and many more aboard as Now Pass holders.

Additionally, our impressive community includes founders and executives from Moonpay, Ledger, Sotheby’s, Prada, 9GAG, Farfetch, Manifold, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, sound,xyz, Doodles, Pudgy Penguins, Rug Radio, Museum of Crypto Art, OneOf, Vayner3, Serotonin, Rarible, Metaversal, Monstercat, Blockparty, and many other leading brands.

What’s next?

The Now Pass is your access pass to the Now Network. It’s important to remember that the Now Network will be built over time, not overnight. That said, while there is plenty in the pipeline yet to be revealed, some of its announced offerings include:

  • Exclusive access to nft now’s acclaimed IRL and virtual events.
  • A first look at information and insights exclusive to holders, including private chats with industry leaders.
  • Priority signup to allow lists for top projects in the Web3 space.
  • Access to exclusive curated artist drops and NFTs.
  • Reward mechanisms for participation, including XP points for sharing, engaging, and contributing to nft now content, which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards.
  • Access to community-curated content initiatives, such as on-chain nomination and voting for leading series like Next Up.
  • A specialized suite of products designed to help holders succeed in web3.

As we embark on our journey to build the future of tokenized media, we have a number of exciting announcements and immediate next steps.

To begin with, the Now Pass artwork reveal will occur this Friday, March 31st. We’ll be announcing the exact timing in the coming days. Created by nft now’s CTO & Creative Director Aaron Baker, the Now Pass artwork is fully generative with rarity traits and unique attributes that will have significance on the journey ahead. Inspired by the concept of being “the signal in the noise,” each Now Pass also features interactive elements that will evolve over time.

Over the next week, we’ll begin accepting nominations for the NFT100, our second annual celebration of 100 influential creators and 100 community leaders moving the Web3 space forward. Selected by our editorial department alongside community nominations, the NFT100 is an unranked and category-specific showcase informed by a holistic blend of data points and editorial judgment to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the space’s diverse talents. This year, submitting nominations will be exclusively available to Now Pass holders.

An image of the NFT100 gala
Drift, Matt Medved, Beeple, and Diana Sinclair attend the inaugural NFT100 Gala. Credit: BFA

We’ll be unveiling the 2023 list and recognizing honorees at the NFT100 Gala on April 11th in NYC at The Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow Room. Because the event is a seated dinner with limited capacity, we will be reserving an allotment of tickets for the Now Pass community and selecting holders who will be in town via raffle.

We’ll also be announcing our Now Pass community event during NFT NYC to ensure we can get everyone who will be in town together. We can’t wait to meet our holders who will be in town and get to know everyone better.

And this is just the beginning. 

One of our favorite sayings at nft now is, “We never reach the top of the mountain. We just reach the base of the next mountain.” We’re excited to climb this one together.

An image of the now pass logo with a green background

A deeper look at some notable Now Pass holders

  • 33NFT
  • Adam Lindemann – Founder, Venus Over Manhattan
  • Adam McBride
  • Alexei Falin & Alexander Salnikov – Co-Founders, Rarible
  • Alpha Centauri Kid
  • Amanda Cassatt – Co-Founder & CEO, Serotonin
  • Ana Maria Caballero
  • Andrew Wang
  • Anyma
  • Avery Akkineni – President, Vayner3
  • Ben Skaar
  • Beryl Bilici
  • Bharat Krymo
  • Black Coffee
  • Black Dave
  • Blake Kathryn
  • Brett Shear – Managing Partner, PTC Crypto
  • Bruno Urli
  • Bryan Brinkman
  • BT
  • Colborn Bell – Co-Founder, Museum of Crypto Art
  • Coldie
  • Cooper Turley – Founder, Invest in Music
  • Dave Krugman
  • David Bianchi
  • David Greenstein – CEO, sound.xyz
  • Dave Grutman – CEO, Groot Hospitality 
  • Don Diablo
  • DotPigeon
  • Drift
  • Duncan Cock Foster – Co-Founder, Nifty Gateway
  • Efdot
  • Elroy Cheo & Clifford Teo – Co-Founders, ARC Community 
  • Farokh – Founder, Rug Radio
  • Frank DeGods – Founder, DeGods & y00ts
  • Funghibull
  • Guido Di Salle
  • GMoney
  • Hackatao
  • Heno
  • Ian Rogers – Chief Experience Officer, Ledger
  • Illestrater
  • Keith Grossman – President, Enterprise, Moonpay
  • Krista Kim
  • Jesse Grushack
  • Jimmy McNelis
  • JN Silva
  • John Crain & Jonathan Perkins – Co-Founders, SuperRare
  • Jose Delbo
  • Joshua Davis
  • Jordan Castro & Julian Holguin – Founder & CEO, Doodles
  • Julie Pacino
  • Justin Aversano
  • Latasha
  • Lens Protocol
  • Leonidas
  • Lin Dai – CEO, OneOf
  • Loxley – CEO, Rug Radio
  • Luca Netz – CEO, Pudgy Penguins
  • Lucréce
  • Maalavidaa
  • Made by Studio JQ
  • Maliha Abidi
  • Matt Kane
  • Megan Kaspar – Managing Director, FirstLight 
  • Meltem Demirors – CSO, CoinShares
  • Michael Bouhana & Max Moore, Sotheby’s
  • Micol – Founder, VerticalCryptoArt
  • Mike Darlington – Co-Founder & CEO, Monstercat
  • Misan Harriman
  • Monaris
  • Mondoir
  • Nate Alex
  • Naveen Jain – Co-Founder, Tari Labs & yat
  • NorCal Guy
  • Nyla Hayes
  • Olive Allen
  • OSF
  • Oveck
  • P00LS
  • Pak
  • Parin Heidari
  • Parrott
  • Party Favor
  • Pranksy
  • RAC
  • Ray Chan – Co-Founder & CEO, 9GAG
  • REO
  • Richerd Chan – Co-Founder, Manifold
  • Ripcache
  • Sam J
  • Sarah Zucker
  • Sasha Stiles
  • Seedphrase
  • sgt slaughtermelon
  • Skygolpe
  • SlimeSunday
  • Steve Aoki
  • Stonez the Organic
  • Swan Sit
  • Swopes
  • ThankYouX
  • tjo
  • TooMuchLag
  • Trevor Jones
  • Udi Wertheimer
  • Victor Mosquera
  • Vintage Mozart
  • Vlad Ginzburg – Co-Founder & CEO, Blockparty
  • Willard
  • WhIsBe
  • YeahYeah
  • Yossi Hasson – Co-Founder & CEO, Metaversal
  • Young & Sick
  • and many more!
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