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Web3 Touches Grass: DAOs and NFT Projects That Incentivize Getting Active

BY Langston Thomas

March 29, 2023

Consider the anatomy of a common degen: Hunched shoulders, disheveled hair, bloodshot eyes, and a complexion as if the sun had ceased to exist. We jest, of course, because this is simply a caricature that even those within Web3 have no choice but to laugh at. Yet, it is still a prominent stereotype of the NFT space — and one that consumers outside of the blockchain surely believe to a degree.

The fact of the matter is that both collectors and creators in the NFT space spend a significant amount of time bathing in the pale blue light of a computer screen. Because the blockchain is constrained to an internet existence, those hoping to interact with its revolutionary transactional properties must also position themselves online accordingly. But there are some in Web3 who are hoping to change that.

Although PFP projects have retained a dominant position in the NFT market over the past few years, a select few Web3 endeavors have reaffirmed that value (as it pertains to an NFT project) comes in all shapes and sizes. In an effort to provide real-world utility to holders, these unique ventures aim to bridge their communities from URL to IRL with a variety of incentives only attainable to the blockchain natives that dare to leave the comfort of their homes.

Trippy Sailors Adventure Club

Trippy Sailors Adventure Club (TSAC) is a PFP project seeking to bridge the gap between OpenSea, and the seven seas. Through partnering with Catamaran Guru — a company that provides resources to catamaran buyers, sellers, and owners — TSAC aims to bring holders opportunities to travel on sailing trips throughout the Caribbean Seas on a state-of-the-art catamaran. In addition to sailing trips, there are special events, workshops, and more on the horizon for TSAC members, with the team behind the project working to unite thrill-seekers from around the world and act as a hub for yacht rentals through the forthcoming SailBNB DAO.


LinksDAO is an organization dedicated to building the “world’s greatest golf community.” Billed as a global community of golf enthusiasts utilizing Web3 to reimagine the modern golf and leisure club, the multifaceted project aims to bring its members together IRL to play golf. LinksDAO has been featured by Business Insider, Forbes, and more for its unique, decentralized membership mechanics. In January 2022, LinksDAO launched its inaugural NFT collection with the mission of crowdfunding the acquisition of a physical club and course. The project achieved its goal in March 2023.


Yak DAO is a global luxury camping brand that seeks to get Web3 users to venture outside by offering fractional ownership of a portfolio of recreation properties through NFTs. With the team’s expertise in managing properties through Camp Native, as well as running Leavitt Hospitality and Recreation Insurance, Yak DAO provides a turnkey investment camping opportunity for those who purchase and hold its NFTs, effectively becoming partial owners of these properties.

Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits (FWB) is a multifaceted DAO billed as a “new kind of social network.” Home to numerous subcultures with music at its core, FWB is a decentralized creative studio, growing social DAO, and an ever-evolving experiment. Composed of over 4,000 members, FWB is powered by its social token, $FWB, and has become known as a producer of top-tier Web3 events. Although the community mainly exists online, FWB members are always given priority access to IRL events, collaborations, and products.

National Parks NFT Club

National Parks (NatParks) NFT Club is a Web3 community established to curate digital and real-world outdoor experiences. Powered by a membership-based NFT collection, NatParks is on a mission to use emerging technologies to build the world’s most passionate outdoor club where members have a voice in shaping the community. Aside from member experiences, NatParks also aims to support the National Park Foundation and other charities through NFT primary sales profits, ongoing fundraisers, and OpenSea royalties. So far, the organization has donated over $75,000 to charity.

Flyfish Club

Flyfish Club is an exclusive, NFT-gated dining club created by entrepreneur and prominent Web3 creator and collector Gary Vaynerchuk. As the first offering from his budding hospitality company, VCR Group, Flyfish Club was conceived to be the first-ever NFT restaurant. Set to open sometime in 2023 and propelled by satellite events, the club will be located in New York City. It will be a members-only private dining experience where membership is purchased as an NFT, effectively token-gating the in-person dining experience. is a blockchain-powered community created by the outdoors-focused publication Outside Magazine. With a mission to promote wellness, diversity, and sustainability in the outdoors, is billed as the world’s first NFT marketplace dedicated to the outdoors. By minting projects in collaboration with world-renowned athletes, brands, and non-profits, brings a novel mindset to the tech-dominated NFT space by promoting less screen time and more outside time.


Zoratopia is a Web3 events platform created as a partnership between prominent LA-based rapper Latashá and community-centric NFT marketplace Zora. Aside from curating groundbreaking live events that often coincide with some of the world’s largest NFT and Web3 conferences, Zoratopia also acts as an educational platform that promotes providing artists, collectors, and enthusiasts with better access to information regarding how the metaverse and NFTs can benefit them.


Stepn is a blockchain-powered fitness app that, similar to other accelerometer or GPS-based apps, keeps a record of the distance a user covers during any given exercise session. By offering the opportunity to earn crypto while staying active, the app gamifies fitness in a way that aligns with popular play-to-earn mechanics already established in the Web3 ecosystem. With an ASICS collaboration already under its belt, Stepn seems poised to become a unique and robust facet of the Web3 ecosystem.

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