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NFT Paris 2023: Guide to the Conference and Side Events

BY Lorepunk

February 23, 2024

NFT Paris is in full swing, and it’s absolutely full-on, with everything from main stage talks to the hottest parties, from beautiful gallery exhibitions to pop-up street art and experiences.

We don’t have time to do a full breakdown of events—there are dozens upon dozens! But you can check out the Main and Eiffel stage lineups at the NFT Paris website, and this view-only Google Sheets doc is continually updated with unofficial side events and happenings.

We thought we’d share a few highlights from each NFT Paris day, as well as side events through Sunday. If there’s a particularly cool thing you’re excited about, please let us know on our X account!

And a few tips for attendees—nobody likes getting the conference crud, so drink plenty of water, sleep well, eat healthy food, and wash your hands frequently.

Don’t walk around with your crypto on your phone, and don’t trust a hotel safe with your laptop or hardware wallet full of valuable crypto assets. Delegate anything you need to access a token-gated event, if possible, with apps like delegate or tokenproof—check with the organizers if you’re not sure what they support.

And don’t trust random WiFi networks or mysterious charging stations! Use your own personal charger, get roaming or a local SIM for data if you need it—and if you need to use conference WiFi, be sure to enable a VPN on your device.

Stuff to Mint

There are official NFT Paris mints from some pretty big artists, including HODLFrance and Ryan Andersonhere’s how to get them.

Another mintable project popping up at NFT Paris is an unofficial one: CryptoBags! Created by blokculture, these are limited edition physical art installations popping up around Paris, and they’re brimming with free NFTs, ETH and Bitcoin.


NFT Asia Presents Building Bridges—3:20 pm, Eiffel Stage

Anika Meier, Yuliang Liu, BeautyAndPunk, and Alex Aravantinos discuss how we can connect with the lively Asian NFT scene.

Fireside Chat—4 pm, Eiffel Stage

Join Claire Silver, Grida, and the IHAM Gallery for what is likely to be a vibrant discussion of all things art, present and future.

6529—4:20 pm, Eiffel Stage

This trailblazing Memes creator and deep thinker in the space needs no introduction—and doesn’t take any prisoners in his incisive communication style. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say!

Reshaping Capitalism With Web3—3:30 pm, Main Stage

This talk is presented by Yat Siu, the chair of Animoca Brands and an innovative thinker on digital property rights. The WAGMI dream of decentralized and sovereign ownership of what we create is largely shaped by voices like Siu’s, so this will be an exciting discussion.

Investing in Web3: The New Consumer Frontier—5:40 pm, Main Stage

Karen Shen, Vanessa Grellet, and Jascha Samadi will illuminate the challenging, rewarding, and often lucrative Web3 investment space. Newcomers and experienced investors alike will benefit from this panel.

Bright Moments Cafe—Feb 21-24, 7 Rue Bailly

Bright Moments makes terrific events, and their pop-up cafe will have minting opportunities, delicious food, and panel conversations open to the public at their cafe on the Marais. Check here for prices, art, and schedule.

AGORIA { Le Code d’Orsay } · Digital Art—open to the public during opening hours at Musee d’Orsay

Check out two stunning multimedia pieces by Sebastien Debaud on Tezos, created to connect visitors to the profusion of art at the museum using the power of the blockchain. Don’t miss his exclusive DJ set Friday night in a memorable museum setting.


Reflections On Generative Art And The Blockchain—11 am, Main Stage

Pindar Van Arman’s “Reflections,” which recently minted out on Sovrn, is the culmination of his decades of experimentation with generative art. He’s always on the forefront of this part of the space, and will offer loads of creative and technical insight.

OpenSea Keynote by Devin Finzer—2:20 pm, Main Stage

At first glance, it is not the sexiest of talks, with Magic Eden and the like eating OpenSea’s lunch—but it will be interesting to hear OpenSea chief Devin Finzer’s views on what’s next for the marketplace—and how he fields questions!

Back To The Sewers With Garga—3:15 pm, Main Stage

Bored Ape co-founder Greg Solano is back in the Yuga CEO role, and this stage is likely to be packed—many people will be interested in hearing his future vision for Yuga, Apes, Otherside, and more.

The Underlying Value of NFTs—3:25 pm, Main Stage

Our stalwart CEO and editor-in-chief Matt Medved is a fire interviewer—and he’ll be quizzing a panel including Memeland’s Ray Chan, Betty of Deadfellaz, Frank DeGods, and Julian Holguin on whether these tokens we know and love are worth anything. Whether you’re looking for degen alpha, great art, or your next portfolio company, these perspectives will help inform you.

Low Res/High Art—3:25 pm, Eiffel Stage

Stone, Yuga Labs’ brand manager for CryptoPunks, and Sean Bonner, Punk historian, and artist extraordinaire, are in conversation for this event. They’ll be talking Punks, art, the space in general, and goodness knows what else—but it will be interesting and full of warmth and humor!

Art and Web3 as a Catalyst for Change—5:20 pm, Eiffel Stage

Code Green co-founder Inna Modja is one of the leaders in the space, pioneering social impact NFTs. As we head into the bull market, giving back is more important than ever!

Bright Moments x NFT Paris—11 am-3 pm, 85 Rue de la Turenne

The rigorous, glorious artists of the Bright Moments team, which focuses on NFT happenings that require a physical presence, are having what basically amounts to an art-fuelled side conference alongside NFT Paris proper. Their Saturday schedule, sponsored by Arab Bank Switzerland, includes loads of digital and crypto art panels, including one on the legendary Vera Molnar and discussions on generative art, AI art, and more. Register and view the schedule here.

Felix Show-all weekend, L’Avant Galerie Vossen, 58 Rue Chapon, 75003

A solo show by crypto artist @i____felix____i, free and open to the public, is happening all weekend and is chock full of bold, brilliant pieces. Felix also has a mint, CYBERDUDES, to coincide with the show.

World of Women Gala Night—8 pm-3 am, Pavilion Gabriel

World of Women is hosting a luxurious gala party on Saturday night, with gorgeous installations, delicious molecular gastronomy treats, and sumptuous music. WOW holders can get free tickets for themselves and a guest (with a deposit), and community tickets are available.


NFC NOW Community Brunch & Now Pass Art Exhibit —11 am-3 pm, IHAM Gallery

Our very own Now Media (home to nft now) will be co-hosting a community brunch on Sunday with Non-Fungible Conference at IHAM Gallery. Come for the croissants and stay for the exclusive exhibition of the Now Pass artwork by Nostalgic! The event comes exactly one year after the announcement of the Now Pass at last year’s NFT Paris, and just a few days following nft now’s third anniversary with some exciting announcements to digest. Register here:

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