The Ultimate Guide to the Now Network: Your One-Stop Shop for Web3

BY nft now Staff

January 31, 2024

Web3 moves fast. Really fast.

Even the most dedicated degens have trouble keeping up with all of the action. Combine the 24/7 markets with rapid news cycles and new projects launching daily across multiple blockchain ecosystems, and you have the perfect recipe for information overload.

But what if there was a way to stay on top of everything happening in the space? A custom feed with your favorite publications, podcasts, videos, and more. Real-time charts and price information at your fingertips. Intuitive landing pages for projects and communities that aggregate all the latest coverage.

Now, imagine all of this with the ability to earn rewards. For each article you read, for each post you make, for each reaction and engagement with fellow community members, you’d earn Experience Points (XP) that could be exchanged for exclusive rewards. A community-centric media model where you can actually share in the value you create by consuming, engaging with, and contributing content — all while being rewarded.

You don’t need to imagine any longer because we’ve been hard at work building the Now Network for you. The Now Network is our exclusive media hub designed to help you stay on top of everything happening in web3, from articles and events to podcasts and video — and beyond. Keep up with the latest news, dive into market insights, and build your personalized content feed. The best part? You gain XP and exclusive rewards simply by engaging.

The Now Network just opened its private alpha exclusively for Now Pass holders, so we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to give you an overview of its offerings, help you navigate its features, and set you up for success.

If you have any questions or feedback, please do pop into our Discord and let us know. Your feedback is invaluable as our team continues to grow and improve the Now Network!

1. Get a Now Pass

The Now Network’s private alpha is exclusively available to Now Pass holders. What’s a Now Pass? Thought you’d never ask.

The Now Pass is a collection of 2,750 ERC721A tokens released on the Ethereum blockchain by the N3 Foundation. Featuring generative artwork created by Now Media’s CTO and creative director Aaron Baker (also known as Nostalgic), the Now Pass is your access pass to the Now Media ecosystem, offering exclusive access to the Now Network, our events like The Gateway, and more.

Procedurally generated through a custom application, the Now Pass artwork is fully interactive and embodies the concept of being “the signal in the noise.” Each piece contains various rarity traits and unique attributes relating to shape, color palette, and noise density. Some Now Passes have a very special trait entitled “Pass Children,” which will play a key role in upcoming initiatives.

You can pick up a Now Pass on the secondary market on OpenSea or Blur.

2. Connect to the Now Network

Welcome to our community! Now that you’ve got your Now Pass, you’re ready to enter the Now Network.

Head to and bookmark the page for easy and secure access in the future. You’ll see the introductory screen (pictured above), where you’ll be prompted to connect the wallet holding your Now Pass. Our team will soon implement support for delegate wallets, but you’ll need to connect with the wallet containing your Now Pass for now.

Click “Connect,” and you’ll be prompted to connect with your software wallet. Options include MetaMask, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, and WalletConnect.

Boom! You should be inside the Now Network now. Time to get your sea legs and start earning XP!

3. Get Your Bearings

Welcome to the Now Network! We’re excited to have you join us on this journey. Let’s give you the grand tour so you can make the most out of it.

Side Menu

On the far left side, you’ll see a menu under the image of your Now Pass marked “For You.” Let’s take a look at each of the sections you can access here.

Your Feed

Here is where you’ll find your personalized content feed, featuring all the publications, podcasts, videos, topics, and more you choose to follow. It will be empty by default to start, and you will be prompted to follow publishers, tokens, and podcasts.

Click “Follow Publishers” to open an alphabetical list of media publishers to follow. Scroll through and pick your favorites to follow — be sure to include nft now! Once you’ve selected several publishers, you can navigate back to your feed and see their articles populate in your curated feed.

You can engage with different content pieces by hovering over them and selecting from five different reaction options. You can also view individual publications’ feeds by selecting their name at the top of your feed or in the sidebar menu. To view the full list of feeds you are following, click the “Following” button at the top right.

Need to add more sources? Just click the “Sources” button on the side menu to return to the list of offerings.


This is where it gets fun (and a bit competitive).

Click “Leaderboard” to see the current ranking of Now Pass holders based on total XP earned. You can see their wallet address and top rewarding actions — from reading articles and watching videos to reacting to posts and more. This leaderboard updates in real-time, so you can track your progress and see which community members are leading the charge. It’s not just about competition; it’s a celebration of your active participation and contribution to the community. Higher rankings on the leaderboard can also unlock special rewards intended for our most highly engaged community members.

Curious about how to earn XP? More on that in our dedicated section below.


This section is a participatory hub where you can track your engagement and interactions within our media ecosystem. Click “Activity” to see all of your account’s current activity in a simple-to-use dashboard that tracks the XP you’ve earned, content you’ve posted, reactions you’ve made, and more. You can toggle between viewing the content you’ve posted and all actions taken with the “Content” and “Activity” sections at the top.


This is where passion for collecting meets the utility of digital access in allowing you to engage more deeply with the content you love on the Now Network. Click “Collectibles” to see all the collectibles you own. Each Now Pass you own will be visible here alongside each of its traits. You can also view collectibles you’ve earned from participating in the Now Media ecosystem, such as the tokenized nft now podcast episode featuring Krista Kim that Now Pass holders received as an airdrop during Gateway Korea last year. You’ll be able to pair those collectibles with XP points to unlock exclusive rewards in the future.


Click “Sources” to see all available options for publications, podcasts, and video channels to follow. You can click on each source to see their individual feed and click “Follow” to add them to your curated feed. Have any sources you’d like to see added to the list? Hop into Discord and let the Now Media team know!

Top Menu

Now that you’re up to speed on everything featured in the Now Network’s sidebar menu, let’s turn our attention to the top menu.

Here you’ll find many of the Now Network’s content offerings, as well as additional opportunities to earn XP. Let’s dive in.


By clicking “Articles,” you’ll find yourself at the hub for nft now’s editorial content offerings. The latest nft now articles can be viewed in the main feed on the left, while web3 headlines from other publications across the space are featured in the widget on the right. You can dive into various categories in the top sections, including:

  • Features
  • Guides
  • Art
  • Gateway
  • Now AI
  • Podcasts
  • Next Up
  • Videos


In the dynamic and fast-paced world of web3, staying updated with the latest market movements is crucial. Click “Prices” to access the Now Network’s hub for prices and insights spanning crypto and NFTs. At the top, you’ll find the top 20 cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap with real-time prices, percentage changes, and 24-hour volume.

Beneath the crypto prices, you’ll see the top 10 NFT sales in the past 24 hours. Finally, you’ll see the top NFT collections ranked by 24-hour sales volume with updated floor prices. The Now Network currently supports Ethereum and Solana NFT projects with plans to add additional blockchains (we hear you Bitcoin Ordinals!) in the coming weeks.

This is just the beginning of this section, with many more features and data displays to flesh out. Please let us know what market statistics and insights would be helpful for you!


Looking for the latest headlines across the web3 space? Click “News” to keep your finger on the pulse with our curated news feed aggregating content from a wide range of top-tier publications. This specialized feed is intended to provide you with a comprehensive and insightful view of the latest stories, trends, and discussions in the space.

Pro tip: you can follow specific topics as well. Interested in the ETFs? Click that topic and follow along at the top. Want all things Bitcoin all the time? Follow along. Every article in the feed also has several associated tags, all of which can be followed as topics. It’s a great way to ensure you stay on top of trending topics, various sectors, and more niche ecosystems and areas of interest.


Never miss your favorite podcast episodes again. Click “Podcasts” to peruse the Now Network’s curated podcast offerings and listen to your heart’s content. Whether you’re a fan of gripping storytelling, insightful interviews, educational content, or just looking for some digestible degen takes, there’s something for every listener. Be sure to follow the podcasts that you’d like to appear in your curated feed, and let us know if there are any you’d like to see added.

Feel free to navigate to other pages and sections — the Now Network’s built-in audio player will continue playing your podcast of choice without any interruptions!


Click “Videos” to browse the Now Network’s diverse array of video channels, ranging from individual creators to major media brands. Similarly to the publications and podcasts, you can follow whichever channels appeal to you to ensure you won’t miss when new videos are published. Once again, let us know if there are any video channels you’d like to see added!


Keeping up with the seemingly endless slew of events can be one of the most challenging aspects of working in web3. Click “Events” to view the Now Network’s global events calendar, featuring web3 and technology conferences, summits, and event series. Each event listing provides detailed information, including the time, location, a brief description, and, if applicable, ticketing options. For virtual events, direct links for online participation are provided, bringing the experience right to your screen. Now Pass holders can submit their own events for consideration using the “Post” section (more information below).


Looking for more information about a specific artist or notable figure in the space? Click the “Profiles” section to explore our curated assortment of profile landing pages, featuring all of nft now’s content and coverage around them in one easy-to-find location.

We’ve started by uploading all of the NFT100 honorees from 2023 and 2022 and will continue to add additional artists and community figures in the future.


What would a community-centric media model be without community contributions? The Now Network is about empowering our community members to become co-creators in the stories being told.

To this aim, Now Pass holders can earn XP by contributing posts to the community feed. The community feed currently supports six post types:

  • Articles
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Events
  • Podcasts

You can contribute a post by clicking the “Post” button. Whether it’s a simple GM meme or a deep dive analysis of the digital art market, the community feed is your onboard ramp to sharing within the Now Network.

We envision this section forming the foundation of the Now Network’s contributor network, where holders can submit their articles for potential publication on nft now and their podcasts and videos for potential distribution in the Now Network — earning XP points all the while and sharing in the value they create.

4. Earn XP

Now that you’ve learned your way around the Now Network, it’s time to start earning Experience Points (XP)!

The Now Network runs on XP. This feature is designed to reward users for their active participation and involvement on the platform. As users explore different channels, interact with content, and engage with the community, they accumulate XP, turning their interaction into a rewarding and gamified experience. When the forthcoming rewards marketplace opens, Now Pass holders will be able to exchange their XP points for a range of exclusive rewards — including NFT drops, experiences, merchandise, and more.

Many different actions in the Now Network can earn you XP. By consuming media, engaging with posts, and contributing your own content within the Now Network, you can earn various levels of XP based on the action taken.

You can see how much XP you’ve earned at the top right corner of the Now Network interface. How do you know when you’ve received XP? You’ll see a green banner pop up in that corner, indicating the amount of XP you’ve received for the action taken. You can always check your “Activity” page to see which actions you were rewarded for.

Here are just some of the ways you can earn XP points in the Now Network:

  • Watching a video – 50 XP
  • Listening to a podcast – 50 XP
  • Nominating an artist for Next Up (coming soon) – 25 XP
  • Submitting a piece of content – 15 XP
  • Reading an article – 10 XP
  • Reacting to a post – 5 XP

Before you go reading every single article that nft now has ever published in one sitting, please note that there is a daily cap of 350 XP that you can earn to prevent users from gaming the system. Please also note that the actions and amounts that earn XP are subject to change!

5. Set Up Now Network App

Did you know you can set up the Now Network as an app on both desktop and mobile? Here’s our handy guide to doing so.

On desktop, while connected to the Now Network via Google Chrome, navigate to the URL bar located next to the array of browser extensions. You’ll see a small button labeled “Install Now Network.” By clicking it, you can download the Now Network app and add it to your dock.

On an iPhone, while connected to the Now Network via Safari, tap the share menu and select “Add to Home Screen.” Once confirmed, the icon will appear with the applications on your home screen.

6. Make Your Voice Head

We firmly believe that the cornerstone of our continuous improvement and innovation lies in our users’ valuable insights and feedback. Your experiences, thoughts, and opinions are not just important to us; they are integral in shaping the future of the Now Network. We are committed to creating a platform that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

We’ve opened up the Now Network’s private alpha because we want to hear from you! Join us in Discord and let us know your thoughts and feedback.

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