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Amazon Prime’s Web3 Game ‘Mojo Melee’ Offers Users Free NFTs 

BY Andrew Rossow

August 03, 2023

Amazon Prime has added an exciting expansion to its Amazon Prime Gaming portal on August 3, as part of a new six-month partnership with the Polygon-based NFT game Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee, accessible via web browsers like Google Chrome and an Android application, offers a fresh take on the “auto battler” genre. 

This genre, a fusion of chess and real-time strategy elements, has been popularized by non-blockchain games like Auto Chess and Teamfight Tactics. Mojo Melee’s beta version, released in May, received positive feedback for its user-friendly approach to the genre, especially given the inherent complexity of auto battler games. 

What Prime users can expect

The initial offering, currently accessible through the Amazon Prime Gaming portal, presents a package for Prime Subscribers that encompasses one free digital collectible (NFT) for the game’s champion character, Gwyn Rockhopper, and its (non-crypto) in-game currency, 885 Ore, for Prime subscribers who create a new player account for Mojo Melee. 

Mystic Moose, the developer behind Mojo Melee, distinguished this type of offering from its usual in-game progression systems that require players to hit a certain “character level” before they can mint champion characters as an NFT. Unique to its partnership with Amazon, the champion character (Rockhopper) is immediately offered up as a digital collectible.

For Amazon Prime, this partnership affords Prime subscribers the opportunity to not only get a taste of the game, but to add a competitive edge to those who aren’t Prime members.

More to come from Amazon?

Amazon Prime Gaming’s foray into incorporating digital collectibles into its retail ecosystem isn’t unprecedented. The platform previously collaborated with the next-gen game tech company, Mythical Games, to provide free NFT promotions for the play-and-create game, Blankos Block Party. These promotions, which include a complimentary avatar and accessory, remain available to subscribers.

Furthermore, there have been rumblings about Amazon’s broader ambitions in the digital collectibles marketplace. Earlier this year, reports hinted at the e-commerce behemoth’s plans to unveil its comprehensive NFT platform. However, as of now, these plans remain in the realm of speculation.

This partnership between Amazon Prime and Mojo Melee exemplifies what appears to be a tasteful, intentional application of blockchain-based gaming with mainstream e-commerce. It is collaborations like these that undoubtedly pave the way for a future where digital ownership and online shopping converge in unexpected ways that don’t leave the average person scratching their head.

h/t: Decrypt

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