$8 Million in Crypto & NFTs Mysteriously Burned

BY Andrew Rossow

August 11, 2023

Burn, baby! Burn! 

This week, an unknown crypto user by the name of “nd4.eth” has garnered attention after “burning” or destroying approximately $8 million worth of cryptocurrency and high-valued blue-chip NFTs – with no explanation – leaving the crypto and NFT communities baffled and deeply curious.

The anonymous trader destroyed $3.3 million worth of the crypto tokens GMX and GNS, including several and very expensive NFTs, which comes just a few days after he also, without explanation, burned approximately $4.5 million in assets (approx. 2,500 ETH as of press time). 

Alongside the tokens, several high-value NFTs were also dispatched to oblivion. These included pieces from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), three Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs, and coveted CryptoPunk #5237. Taking a further look at the current floor prices of each of these NFT projects, this was an estimated value of around $225,000 (or 122 ETH) as of press time. 

This bizarre behavior through both transactions, however, was not done through a sale or transfer, but by sending these assets to a designated wallet address that nobody owns or has access to – removing all of those assets from circulation and forever untouched and inaccessible. 

While in most cases, the strategy behind burning digital assets is usually intentional in efforts of increasing scarcity and value by reducing the total market supply, the underlying motivations of nd4.eth’s sudden digital destruction remain a complete mystery.

At no surprise, the identity of nd4.eth and the motivations behind these dramatic actions are topics of intense speculation. 

Arkham Intelligence, a crypto analytics firm, noted the user’s recent activities in a Twitter post:

“After a day of silence, nd4.eth burned another $3.59M worth of tokens today – most of which he has held for months. Since January this year, nd4.eth bought $1.8M of GNS and >$1m OF GMX from Uniswap. He decided to burn it all in the past 2 hours – still with no explanation.”

In a world where every crypto move is meticulously analyzed for intent and impact, the enigmatic actions of nd4.eth stand out, casting a deep shadow of intrigue. As of now, the crypto community remains on the edge, piecing together theories and speculations. Yet, the true motives behind these unprecedented burns remain unknown. It’s a stark reminder that even in the transparent realm of blockchain, some mysteries persist. As the chatter amplifies, all eyes are keenly set on nd4.eth’s next move, hoping it might unveil the rationale behind these confounding decisions.

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