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Creator Platform Async Art Announces Shutdown

BY Erika Lee

October 23, 2023

The creator platform, Async Art, is bidding farewell to the Web3 community. On Oct. 23, the Async Art team announced its forthcoming closure, with operations set to wind down over the next few months. Since 2020, Async has been a catalyst for creative expression, empowering innovative artists and musicians worldwide through its marketplace.

Async played a pioneering role in Web3, fostering creativity and experimentation among artists and collectors alike. It was known for its unique approach to digital art, allowing artists to create multi-layered, dynamic pieces that could change over time or be controlled by collectors. Its Blueprints system created a template that made the creation of generative NFTs possible without code. Iconic projects created using Async Blueprints include XCOPY’s “Grifters” and “Across the Face” by Osinachi.

XCOPY Grifters on Async
Credit: XCOPY

Conlan Rios, CEO of Async, expanded on the difficult decision to wind down operations, writing that the NFT space has shifted.

“When we launched in Feb 2020, the NFT world was smaller and simpler. Everyone knew each other, and there was a genuine sense of altruism all around,” Rios tweeted. “I was eager to join and contribute ideas and tech with a community that shared my values of innovation, collaboration, and equity.”

He continued by saying things rapidly changed as NFTs started to blow up. “The ride didn’t come without its challenges as I shifted from art collector and community builder to technical platform operator and team leader. We began encountering some less glamorous aspects of this world as motivations of the industry changed.”

What will happen to the existing NFTs?

Async NFTs are all pinned on IPFS and will continue to exist on-chain. Async Market will no longer support purchases by the end of 2023, and Async Art will not take new submissions starting Oct. 23.

While Rios said more specifics will be announced in the upcoming weeks, Rios said his goal is to “preserve the works created with [the] platform and ensure [its] remaining team members find new homes to continue pursuing their web3 passions.

Async Art’s departure marks the end of an era in the crypto art world, but the team adds that the dynamic and generative art movement will continue to live on.

“We’re confident that this movement will live on through the spirit of web3 builders & creators.”

The crypto art community will always remember Async Art’s contributions and innovations while also looking ahead to the future of digital art and NFTs.

Versum, an NFT platform, also revealed its closure earlier this month, while Nifty’s had announced its shutdown in August. These platform shutdowns are indicative of the ongoing impact of market conditions and changes.

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