33nft & Dissrup Reunite for Curious Creatures NFT Collection With Zhemin Wang

BY Langston Thomas

November 01, 2021

NFT marketplace Dissrup has reunited with 33nft on a nostalgic new project. Together with 3D artist Zhemin Wang, the trio has released a collection of digital collectibles called Curious Creatures.

Available Monday, Nov. 1, on, the Curious Creatures collection is comprised of nine limited-edition NFTs. This set of unique digital critters — which follows September’s Acid Pool drop — comes as part of Dissrup and 33nft’s ongoing partnership, and includes a special 33-drone created exclusively for 33’s VIP members.

33nft says the idea for the drone came about in conversation with Yam, the founder of Dissrup. “He showed me a project they had started working on with Zhemin and I loved the collection,” 33nft tells nft now. “We decided that we would include a 33 collectible creature … inspired by the idea of the mechanical guardian angel, which I think reflects my values and perspective on the NFT scene as a community-focused space — it’s important to look out for each other.”

From making massive bids on rare NFTs to highlighting small and emerging artists, 33nft has solidified himself as one of the most influential names in the non-fungible community. Primarily operating as a collector, the enigmatic influencer recently switched directions, unveiling a few curated drops and the launch of his 33 VIP, a membership-style community that gives incentives to those who have collected a 33 VIP NFT.

With this latest collaborative drop, the collector, Dissrup and Wang have birthed a unique collection of NFTs that have not only expanded Dissrup’s market, but the continuously growing 33 ecosystem as well.

“I like that the collection taps into the spirit of old-school toy collectibles. I think that Curious Creatures pays homage to its origins, whilst updating the language of collectibles for the digital era,” 33nft tells nft now about Curious Creatures. “This is what NFTs and blockchain collectibles are all about — bringing collecting tradition to the digital generation.”

Photos courtesy of Curious Creatures (2021) by Zhemin Wang, Dissrup and 33nft.


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