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Everything You Need to Know About the Portalcoin Presale

BY Erika Lee

December 15, 2023

Tokens are taking over the X timeline, and Portalcoin is one of them.

This token, in collaboration with LayerZeroLabs, has set forth an ambitious mission to bring one billion gamers into the world of Web3 and is currently open for pre-sale. The pre-sale commenced at 10 am EST on Dec. 15, following a 24-hour delay due to the Ledger Connect Kit compromise.

In just a matter of hours, Portalcoin has surged past the $9 million USD mark, exceeding already lofty expectations.

Who Can Participate in the Presale?

The pre-sale is open to everyone. Those who pre-registered at will be accepted for preferential access. It’ll last 24 hours and is open to everyone.

How Does Supply Work?

The supply is divided into multiple “Blocks,” each with a consistent price. Only one Block can be unlocked at a time, with a purchase limit of 2E per Block. Your purchases within fully completed Blocks are assured. If a Block remains incomplete after 24 hours, you will receive a refund for your purchase within that specific Block, while purchases from previous Blocks will be honored.

In the event that the final Block is reached within 24 hours, wallet caps are eliminated, and all payments made during the final Block are entered into what is called the “Afterburner.” Once the presale concludes, Afterburner purchases become part of an on-chain raffle. The larger your Afterburner purchase, the higher the likelihood of it being selected. The presale is currently part of the Afterburner phrase.

Any Afterburner payments that do not succeed in the raffle will be refunded within 72 hours after the sale closes, and this refund will incur no additional charges. Your purchases within earlier, fully completed Blocks remain guaranteed. Only collaborative wallets are assured purchases within an incomplete Block.

Portal Airdrop Farming

People were able to farm by connecting their X account to the grinding website—a “game” known as Crystal Dash—and earned points by creating content about Portalcoin. Whether they made memes, wrote text posts, or shared and replied to other grinder’s posts, they received points that increased their level. Once they reached a few levels, they started receiving rewards in the form of crystal shards. Shards could be fused to create crystals, and these crystals were tradable for $Portal in an airdrop that took place a few weeks later.

Partnerships Ahead

Portal’s future expansion is fortified through strategic alliances with major players in the industry. Partnerships with LayerZero Labs for enhancing interoperability and integrations with renowned gaming titles such as Star Atlas, MagicCraftGame, and Nine Chronicles underscore Portal’s dedication to cultivating a diverse and resilient gaming environment.

“We have many exciting things happening, some which we can’t mention yet and others that we can. To start, we have a roster of fantastic partners from Layerzero, who are helping scale the Portal platform, to Magic Eden, who will be integrating $Portal into their marketplace, to mainstream Esports teams,” the team told nft now in an interview.

The team also added that there is a huge focus on mainstream conversion.

“We think there is a huge gap there, and our technology and strategy have resonated with many big brands. As the year rolls on, those will be announced. And, of course, at the core of Portal is our network of web3 games we’re working with. We’re solving a key pain point in the games industry, which is distribution and accessibility. We’re proud to work with top games like Nine Chronicles and Space Nation to help drive success to their games over the coming year and beyond.”

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