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Exclusive: Claynosaurz Launch Plushies in Bid to Disrupt Collectibles

BY Erika Lee

October 30, 2023

Claynosaurz, a 3D dinosaur project known within the Solana ecosystem, is venturing into the physical collectibles sector. This transition will begin with the First Edition release of limited-color Plushies.

Claynosaurz is also a 3D production studio dedicated to crafting top-tier entertainment intellectual property within the Web3 landscape, with a strong commitment to ongoing community involvement. The team is comprised of artists from Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, Ubisoft, Netflix, Warner Bros, Marvel, Industrial Light & Magic, and more.

Claynosaurz was created in late 2021, when Nic Cabana and his partner, Dan Cabral, both industry veterans in animation, began conceiving the Claynosaurz intellectual property. As the NFT phenomenon gained rapid momentum, Phil Cabana, Nic’s brother, proposed the idea of embracing the Web3 realm and evolving it into an NFT venture. Nevertheless, the founders remained steadfast in their mission to thrust both the project and its intellectual property into the mainstream spotlight, a vision they are now poised to realize with the introduction of physical collectibles.

In an exclusive interview with nft now, Claynosaurz CEO Andrew Pelekis and co-founder Nic Cabana (Cabanimation) offer an intimate glimpse into the comprehensive design process, market research endeavors, and the distinctive features that set their plushies apart. The founders dive into their journey to making Claynosaurz bigger than a Web3 brand, aiming to re-invent entertainment and collectibles through digital activations and experiences.

Credit: Claynosaurz
Credit: Claynosaurz

The Team’s Vision

The team shared that its ethos while venturing into toys was to prioritize quality above all else. They were determined not to rely on gimmicks, prioritizing the inherent appeal of the product. While incorporating digital activations into their offerings was a natural desire—aimed at encouraging people to actively participate in their platform—it wasn’t the main priority.

“We don’t want the user to want to buy these things just because there’s some sort of digital twin or digital activation,” Cabana said. “Even if you’ve never seen Claynosaurz before, if you’re a mother or a kid or anybody really, and we want you to walk by a shelf full of these things and be like, ‘Man, these make me smile.'”

“Even if you’ve never seen Claynosaurz before, if you’re a mother or a kid or anybody really, and we want you to walk by a shelf full of these things and be like, ‘Man, these make me smile.'”

Nic Cabana, co-founder

Design Iterations and Market Research

In a journey spanning seven months, the Claynosaurz team embarked on a meticulous design process. Behind the scenes, the team delved into comprehensive market research, ensuring that their product would not only stand out but also set new standards.

“Quality matters because we’re trying to make the whole brand that we’ve built for Claynos all surrounding the collectibles, so that’s why it takes so long to develop them,” Pelekis shared. “We also did a lot of research; for example, Nic went to Toy Fair 2023 and Licensing Expos. There really is no other dinosaur plushie in the market at this quality.”

The design iterations were endless, marked by the intricate challenge of achieving the perfect plushy model. Claynosaurz characters possess unique and complex shapes, making the production process particularly demanding. The team stated that it took time to create plushies that not only capture the essence of Claynotopia but also establish themselves as different from other similar toys in the market.

Claynosaurz behind the scenes sketches
Credit: Claynosaurz
Claynosaurz behind the scenes
Credit: Claynosaurz

“We’re starting with three species,” Cabana added. “Obviously, we have more species and will add them, but just off of the three that we’ve built, it feels like there’s a lot because of all the color permutations. We can make hundreds of different permutations. We can do limited editions.”

First Limited Release

Credit: Claynosaurz
Credit: Claynosaurz
Credit: Claynosaurz

The Claynosaurz team intends to unveil a series of super-exclusive versions, which may include co-branded collaborations, licensed editions, or distinctive color variants. The very first version available on Nov. 3 will be a limited edition release in the color Jurassic Aqua with an orange belly (pictured above). Claynosaurz holders will have access to an exclusive discount.

They say their primary focus is on “enhancing the collectibility factor of these plushies,” making them appealing not only to children and a broad audience but also to the avid collector who values unique and limited-edition items.

The plushies are anticipated to launch in early 2024, preceded by the limited edition release scheduled for the end of 2023. The plushies are made by the same factory employed by Gund, the same makers of Paw Patrol plushies. At the beginning of 2024, there will be nine variations (three species, three colors. Rex, Trice, Sego), leaving room for six more species and hundreds of possible color variants. 

“We’re gonna open up the shop on Nov. 3, and it’s gonna be like an open edition, but still an exclusive edition because once that 48-hour window closed, we’re never ever gonna make this color again,” Cabana said. “It’ll be the Genesis release, and we wanted to make sure that there’s no cap until the window is done, and anybody that wants these for the holidays can get them in time.”

Digital Counterparts

Credit: Claynosaurz
Credit: Claynosaurz

Andrew shares that they will be crafting digital counterparts, or “digital twins,” for each of their plush collectibles. These digital twins will reside within a dynamic platform currently under development. The platform’s overarching purpose is to unite individuals within a thriving community.

The team recognizes that younger enthusiasts may not find platforms like Discord accessible or engaging, and they aim to use this new platform to bridge this generational gap.

“You know, the entire ecosystem that we’ve built, it really lives in Crypto Twitter, it lives on Discord. And obviously, the plush is, is gonna be a product that we hope resonates with a younger community as well, and for those people, you’re not gonna, you can’t expect a seven-year-old to come in and enjoy Discord,” Pelekis and Cabana shared.

In essence, the Claynosaurz platform can be likened to a fusion of Tamagotchi, Webkins, and Fortnite. Through this platform, users can not only interact with their plush collectibles but also infuse them with life. The integration of NFC chips and QR codes adds an element of surprise, akin to opening a booster pack, with users never quite knowing what exciting digital adventures await them.

Claynosaurz’s approach represents another NFT project jumping into the world of collectibles, similar to Pudgy Penguins and Doodles, where physical and digital identities converge. The team hopes to use this to create an immersive and engaging experience for enthusiasts of all ages.

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