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Exclusive: Fxhash 2.0 Debuts Ethereum Integration and On-Chain Minting

BY Langston Thomas

June 29, 2023

Over the past few years, fxhash has solidified itself as a premiere, community-focused, and accessible platform for generative art. A longtime major facet of the Tezos NFT ecosystem, the platform is now seeking to double down on its mission to enhance and untether the creative potential of artists in the generative NFT space with an ambitious expansion.

With its forthcoming update, dubbed fxhash 2.0, the platform aims to bridge the gap between Tezos and Ethereum, fostering an environment that promotes the unique creative freedom of its users. This ETH integration is expected to expand the platform’s capabilities, allowing for both minting and collecting unique generative artworks on both Tezos and Ethereum directly from within the fxhash ecosystem.

Fxhash 2.0

Born in 2021, fxhash easily carved a niche for itself as an open ecosystem for generative art, encouraging artists to mint their innovative creations without the barriers typical of curated platforms. The result has been a bustling, diverse marketplace boasting over two million unique pieces of art since its inception. 

With its 2.0 upgrade, fxhash breaks new ground by integrating Ethereum, widely known as the leading blockchain network. Notably, this update responds to the fxhash community’s feedback, showcasing the platform’s commitment to user needs. With a dual-blockchain approach, artists and collectors can choose between Tezos and Ethereum depending on their unique needs, enhancing the creative and collecting experience.

a collage of NFTs from the fxhash marketplace
Credit: fxhash

Beyond blockchain expansion efforts, the update also introduces fully on-chain minting on both Ethereum and Tezos, ensuring artists have expanded options and tools for immortalizing their works fully on-chain. According to a press release shared exclusively with nft now, this feature reflects fxhash’s primary mission to empower its global community of artists to “earn a living from their digital works of art, independent of their location on the planet.”

Fxhash 2.0 features

To this end, previously established features like fx(params), redeemables, and third-party integration tools that are already on fxhash will now be compatible with Ethereum from day one of the fxhash 2.0 launch. Thus, the platform ensures a seamless transition for artists accustomed to the existing tools while expanding their potential reach.

For the developers working on the 2.0 release, maintaining a unified front for showcasing generative art remains a key principle, regardless of the blockchain used for minting. This is evidenced by the fact that artworks will continue to be displayed together, with the focus being on the art and artist rather than the blockchain. As far as the marketplace aspect is concerned, pieces and collections will simply be denominated in either XTZ or ETH.

By adopting a multichain approach, fxhash 2.0 seems ready to punch above its weight, offering a seamless movement between Ethereum and Tezos that we have yet to see perfected by any single marketplace. Surely the integration will provide artists with exposure to different audiences and extend the reach of their generative projects. At the time of writing, the release of fxhash 2.0 is slated for late 2023 and promises to bring a series of URL and IRL events celebrating this milestone.

Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-4.

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