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Exclusive: Proof Collective Announces Foundry, Multi-Purpose Gallery in LA

BY Erika Lee

June 15, 2023

Proof Collective — an exclusive members-only NFT community responsible for projects like Moonbirds, Oddities, Grails, and Emotes — has revealed its intention to launch a real-world, multi-purpose gallery and event venue situated in downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District. The venue is envisioned as a “hub where the Proof community, including Web3, traditional art, and entertainment spheres, can gather,” with artists also having the opportunity to create and display their creations.

“What I hope to build is Proof’s great relationship to support artists, a great community to come by and be part of that, to be patrons,” Justin Mezzell, co-founder of Proof, told nft now.

The 4,000-square-foot space is set to officially open its doors in late July, aligned with the team’s upcoming Mythics NFT release. This space will remain operational until the end of 2023, essentially making it a six-month pop-up. The official address will be announced at a later date.

In a press release shared with nft now, a Proof representative said that the team is focused on establishing a Los Angeles base for real-world experiences throughout the year. This commitment also extends to hosting events outside LA.

This announcement comes after Proof received backlash for canceling its inaugural Proof Conference, a three-day conference in Los Angeles featuring leaders in the Web3 movement, in February 2023. The team refunded tickets and hotels but never rescheduled the event.

While detailed programming specifics will be progressively revealed over the following six months, the emphasis will be on promoting artists and community engagement. Planned activities involve celebrations for forthcoming Proof launches such as Mythics and Grails, artist residencies, community meet-ups, interactive experiences, and more.

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