Credit: Quadrillion Art

Exclusive: Quadrillion Art Unveils Largest Bitcoin Ordinals Collaboration With 21 Artists

BY Erika Lee

November 10, 2023

With less than a year since its public introduction, Bitcoin Ordinals is still in its early stages, and only a handful of established artists have ventured into this innovative protocol. That’s why Bitcoin maxis BitGod21 and ChiefnQuach co-founded Quadrillion Art, an Ordinals-focused company aiming to bring quality art and artists to Bitcoin.

Quadrillion Art’s inaugural drop, ‘Perpetuals: Beginnings,’ marks a collaboration featuring 21 renowned artists, each contributing limited edition artworks. Among them are notable artists such as Dirty Robot, Terrell Jones, Efdot, and more. This represents the largest collective effort by established artists to join the Ordinals platform. The Quadrillon sat down with nft now for an exclusive interview to reveal more about the drop and its artist lineup.

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Credit: Various Artists

The full list of revealed artists are Terrelldom, Dirtyrobot, Delta Sauce, Amber Vittoria, Olive Allen, Kemar74, Dangiuz, Lordneutron, Adhd143, EfdotStudio, DMsjel, TheBakaArts, MiraRuido, Jarvinart, Andrea Chiampo, Jonathan Wolfe, POSTWOOK, Alex Kittoe, Nevin Johnson, Bubaviedma, and Rust.

The 21 featured artists have made 24 unique pieces that are sold as a total of 2100 limited editions. Each piece was minted at $210 USD in Bitcoin (around 0.006 BTC).

Although several of these artists have gained recognition on Ethereum, Tezos, or other blockchain platforms, Bitgod21 emphasized to nft now that having them join the Bitcoin ecosystem is a significant achievement.

“The canvas you create matters, and we at Quadrillion strongly believe the most immutable, uncensorable, & powerful canvas on earth is Bitcoin,” Bitgod21 said. “This is where Art belongs.”

Artist Delta Sauce says he was able to learn more about Ordinals through this project.

“As an artist, it is always an experience seeing new people view your art for the first time,” he said. “This drop has opened new eyes to my work and the work of all other artists who took a chance to try something different.”

He added that the reception to the art by the community over in Bitcoin brought him back to when he first joined Web3.

“It’s a reminder of how open people were to me sharing my art,” he said. “I’ve always believed in diversity of where your art is presented and how people can experience it. Quadrillion has done an amazing job at curating the art and getting so many amazing artists to try out taking part in Ordinals, and they have done so in a way that also very much respects the art and the artists.”

In addition, Quadrillion is teaming up with Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles to announce the artists and hold a launch party on November 10, where attendees will have the unique opportunity to meet some of the featured artists and witness their works exhibited.

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