Exclusive: Terrell Jones Announces First Solo Exhibition At Superchief LA

BY Lorepunk

February 05, 2024

Celebrated NFT creator Terrell Jones, who calls himself a pop-precisionism artist, will have his first solo exhibition this March at Superchief’s Los Angeles gallery.

Opening March 16, the show, “PARIAHS,” features works that converge around a single theme and subject—the Deville Crime Family. These characters are fiends for the modern age, relaxing by the pool, dining out, and even hitting the poker table—depicted in Jones’ distinctive style, looking like they just stepped out of an Instagram feed with millions of followers.

According to the Superchief team, Jones uses these distinctive characters—who also include a demonic Doberman, a fiery skeleton, and an angel—to pose a question, as written in Superchief’s statement about the show: “Are the Devilles inherently evil, or has society’s condemnation shaped their devilish destiny?”

Born in 1997 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jones kicked off his drawing career on the walls of his childhood home. With influences including manga and cartoons, film and fashion, he blends pop art, realism, and precisionism into the unique style he calls pop precisionism.

Credit: Superchief

Alongside the new “PARIAHS” collection, the 9,000 square foot LA Superchief Gallery—all of which will be given over to this exhibition—will also display immersive installations and interactive pieces, as well as physical paintings and digital artworks by Jones.

Active in the NFT space since 2022, Jones moved from Michigan to Los Angeles to help his career flourish. He was named an NFT100 honoree in 2023.

“Moving from Michigan to Los Angeles was a big step in my career that’s been made easier by all of the support I’m getting from the local community.”


“It has been quite the journey to get to this point, but I’m thankful that I’m here. Moving from Michigan to Los Angeles was a big step in my career that’s been made easier by all of the support I’m getting from the local community,” he told nft now. “I’ve had an amazing time exploring different art events, exhibits, and museums. With a culture this focused on the love of art, I feel right at home.”

Jones uses a careful and methodical style in his digital art, with lots of layers on each piece to ensure he has total control over the outcome and can create a clean look. A solo exhibition at Superchief is a decisive vote of confidence in his creative output; the gallery, launched in 2021, has established itself as a powerful presence in the digital art space, having produced events alongside Christie’s, UNICEF, and the United Nations as well as at major NFT conferences.

“I’m beyond excited to be embarking on my first solo show, and I’m deeply grateful for the enthusiasm shared by the wonderful team at Superchief. Collaborating with them has me excited for the future,” Jones told us.

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