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Getty Images Announces Second NFT Collection: City Diaries

BY Eric James Beyer

June 01, 2023

On June 1, 2023, digital collectibles platform Candy Digital will join forces once again with Getty Images to launch a new collection of digital photographs titled City Diaries: Visual Narratives From Around the World​, according to a press release shared with nft now. The collection will consist of snapshots from seven iconic cities around the globe: New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City, Istanbul, and Mumbai​.

Getty and Candy Digital’s first joint venture, the ’70s Music & Culture Collection, brought rare images of music icons from the 1970s into the digital realm to Web3 for collectors to acquire. Now, they are shifting focus from the world of music to the realm of urban landscapes, offering photography lovers a blend of history and culture and giving collectors the opportunity to delve into these metropolises’ narratives.

Complex, rich cities

City Diaries is set to include works from a range of photographers, including Bert Hardy, who was among the first to forgo using a traditional large-format press camera in favor of a 35mm Leica, and J.F. Davis, a rising talent celebrated for his striking and dreamlike depictions of sports and culture​​.

In the process of curating City Diaries, Getty tried to echo the complexity and richness of the cities the collection presents. The team chose a selection of images of the cities from the Getty Images Archive, each encapsulating the spirit of its respective metropolis.

In addition to the purchase of individual limited-edition photographs, Candy Digital is offering a package deal for collectors: packs of two images, with each pack tied to a particular city from the collection. These packs present a blind minting experience for users, as they won’t know which two images they’ll receive. Collectors who assemble all four images of a given city, either through the primary or secondary marketplace, will be awarded a unique “Eiffel Tower” chaser asset.

Like the ’70s Music & Culture Collection, City Diaries will include a free introductory digital photograph available for minting throughout the drop. The image, believed to be from the 1930s, captures a moment where one boy clambers onto another’s back for a free view of a baseball game​.

The City Diaries collection will be available for purchase from June 1, 1:00 pm ET, to June 30, 5:00 pm ET, 2023.

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