Award-Winning Actress Jennifer Esposito to Make Directorial Debut With Film NFT

BY Langston Thomas

January 27, 2022

Award-winning actress Jennifer Esposito is branching out into NFTs in a big way. Known for her influential roles in Spin City, Crash, Taxi and more, Esposito is set to make both her directorial and crypto-art debut all in one with feature-length film NFT, FRESH KILLS.

Seeking to support underrepresented voices and empower artists, Esposito has entered her name into the weird wide world of NFTs with this latest endeavor. Set to go up for sale on OpenSea from Feb. 3-5, the FRESH KILLS NFT collection — which came together to support female-driven content created by female directors — will be presented in collaboration with award-winning Barcelona-based female NFT artist, Gala Mirissa, and platinum award-winning musician and producer Mike Gonek.

“The NFT space to me is freedom. Freedom for the artist and freedom for the people who take part in the journey of that NFT,” said Esposito in a statement. “Having these incredible artists step forward and give their support not only to my film but also to female-driven content made by female directors is magical. This kind of collaboration through NFTs is the future.”

While photography and music have slowly but surely been finding a foothold in the digital art-dominated NFT market, few have attempted to onboard film onto the blockchain. As we recently witnessed Julie Pacino successfully fund her forthcoming film I Live Here Now through a sizeable NFT sale, Esposito is now aiming to accomplish a similar feat, on possibly an even larger scale with FRESH KILLS.

FRESH KILLS, billed as a gripping drama, tells the story of the loyal women of an organized crime family that dominated some of the boroughs of New York City in the late 20th century. The film stars Annabella Sciorra, who played Gloria Trillo on the critically acclaimed TV show “The Sopranos,” and is written from the perspective of women within organized crime.

The forthcoming NFT collection — sale time and total supply TBA — will offer unique pieces that combine kinetic visual art with original music based on the film’s screenplay. Early supporters of the film that decide to purchase a FRESH KILLS NFT during the three-day sale will be eligible to receive extra perks such as executive producer credits, red carpet premiere invites, visits to set, and even a cameo on the film. 

To learn more about Esposito’s film, make sure to follow the project’s Twitter account or join the FRESH KILLS Discord here.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Esposito and FRESH KILLS.

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