Lamborghini Is Auctioning a Supercar with an Exclusive NFT

BY Rupendra Brahambhatt

April 05, 2022

Frank Sinatra once said, “you buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody.” Known for their stunning looks, incredible speeds, and powerful combustion engines, the one-of-a-kind luxury cars from Lamborghini are currently going through a big change. The Italian manufacturer previously announced that it will now focus on the development of hybrid and pure electric cars. Therefore, 2022 is going to be the last year for its V-12 combustion engine cars.

To mark the occasion? Lamborghini will auction its last gas-powered Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Coupè along with an exclusive NFT.

The company has partnered with DJ Steve Aoki, artist and innovator Krista Kim, and digital content studio INVNT Group for this “Ultimate” drop. There will be only one owner of the 1:1 NFT Lamborghini collectible, and the company also claims that “the drop is the world’s first NFT ever to be auctioned with a physical super sports car.” 

Why is Lamborghini getting into NFTs?

While making the 1:1 NFT announcement, CEO of Automobil Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, noted the synergy that exists between the car company and NFT community. “Lamborghini and the NFT community fit together very well, as we share many values. We are both young-spirited innovators, looking out for unexpected projects and technological solutions,” he said. In an email exchange with nft now, Winkelmann clarified his sentiments. “Lamborghini is more than just a super sports car manufacturer, it is an attitude, a lifestyle….the NFT community shares many of our values, consisting of innovative, young-spirited people seeking unexpected yet authentic ways to interact,” he said.

Winkelmann added that the project is particularly notable because Lamborghini is one of the first car companies to enter the space in this way. “This project is very special for us as it is a true first, a path nobody has ever taken,” he said.

Winkelmann concluded by outlining how the move into NFTs aligns with the company’s long-term strategy. “Our entry into this community has been based on a long-term strategy of creating projects that translate the Lamborghini spirit, the excitement for our brand, but also for our super sports cars into the digital realm – not seeking profits as the main target, but positioning Lamborghini also digitally as what it is: brave, authentic, and unexpected,” he said.

What’s so special about Lamborghini’s “Ultimate” NFT drop?

The auction of Lamborghini’s last V-12 engine-equipped Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae and the attached NFT will take place at RM Sotheby’s on April 19th at 6:00 PM CET. The lucky collector will get to attend a virtual meet-and-greet with Krista Kim and Steve Aoki. They will enjoy access to Lamborghini’s VIP utilities and receive a private tour of Museo Lamborghini. The NFT holder would also be eligible for a preview of future limited edition Lamborghini cars and other VIP benefits.

Although the 1:1 Lamborghini “Ultimate” NFT is going to be a unique drop, it’s not the first NFT project from the Italian car manufacturer. The company debuted in the NFT space in January with its “Space Time Memory” collection, a pack of five eye-catching Lamborghini Ultimae photos created by Swiss artist Fabian Oefner. This time artist Krista Kim is designing the NFT artwork. Her special signature gradient will appear on both the NFT and the real Aventador.

Meanwhile, Steve Aoki is creating the music for the NFT and he is also working on an exclusive track for the car. Excited about this partnership, Aoki said, “I’m honored to be partnering with Lamborghini and Krista Kim on this historic project! The drop signifies the ultimate intersection – where the physical world, digital art, and music come together as one. Every design element of this car is purposeful. It truly has its own story, and therefore I wanted my music track to reflect its soulful energy – the vibe, the spirit, and the power.”

The auction of its last combustion engine-based Aventador car will be a historical moment for Lamborghini. It will also be a proud moment for the NFT community. “This event will likely be one of the most prolific NFT drops this year and will certainly be one of the most historic automobile auctions ever,” said Scott Cullather, CEO of INVENT Group. 

This article has been updated to include additional statements from Stephan Winkelmann.

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