MekaVerse Surpasses $60M Sales Volume in Under 24 Hours

BY Langston Thomas

October 08, 2021

MekaVerse , a new Japanese mecha-inspired NFT project, has surpassed $60 million in sales volume less than 24 hours after its Oct. 7 launch. It had previously amassed a near cult following just two months after the initial project announcement, and has now entered into the No. 3 spot of OpenSea’s Top NFTs rankings.

With a total supply of 8,888 NFTs on sale at 0.2 ETH each, MekaVerse primary sales secured a profit of 1,777 ETH (around $6.5 million). As secondary sales have continued strong since the minting contract went live at 5 p.m. EST on Oct. 7, MekaVerse has seen nearly 15,000 ETH in additional sales volume (over $54 million).

In hopes of circumventing common NFT drop pitfalls including gas wars, bot exploitations, site crashes, and more, MekaVerse took an unconventional approach to its highly anticipated launch by implementing a raffle system. Twenty-four hours prior to launch, the project’s developers opened a raffle on the MekaVerse website, allowing those interested to secure one entry per wallet, with a secondary verification system in place via Twitter and Discord.

According to Mekaverse, there was a total of 172,876 individual entries for the raffle; winners were announced during a half-hour event coinciding with the mint contract launch. Leading up to the mint, MekaVerse was already boasting 200,000-plus Twitter followers and 230,000-plus Discord members.

The project also reported that there were 8,593 Mekas minted by 5,453 individual wallets during the initial sale, and the MekaVerse community has continued to grow via secondary sales. However, many of the project’s original supporters may have already been priced out, as the MekaVerse floor is now around 6 ETH.

Photos courtesy of MekaVerse.

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