Do You Have Paper Hands? Find Out With This NFT Trading Calculator

BY Langston Thomas

October 20, 2021

An anonymous developer known on Twitter as iblamenfts has unveiled a new tool that shows collectors their unrealized profits had they held on to their NFTs instead of trading them. Called, the calculator connects to a user’s MetaMask wallet to collate data highlighting their potential losses.

Developer iblamenfts — who uses the alias Sam Witwicky, the name of Shia LaBeouf’s character in the Transformer films — teased when sharing the URL Oct. 20, “Ever wondered how much you lost out on by selling an #NFT too early?”

By calculating current NFT project floor prices against prices a user sold at, has unearthed some astonishing data, revealing some collectors as “paper hands” — in other words, someone with little or no conviction to hold on to their NFTs for the long term.

Although getting called “paper hands” in the NFT community is one of the biggest insults there is, numerous influential collectors and investors have been happy to share their cringeworthy losses — or lack thereof — with the community:

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