NHL Champion Vegas Golden Knights Unveil Free NFT Collection for Fans

BY Lorepunk

January 16, 2024

Today, Jan. 16, the Vegas Golden Knights—the 2023 National Hockey League champions—are revealing a special collection of NFTs that are designed to unlock unique experiences for fans.

The collection, created in partnership with blockchain video and AI specialists Theta Labs, offers holders exclusive access to games, team memorabilia, and events. They’re built on Theta’s unique blockchain, and there’s no drop or sale of the NFT—to pick one up, you’ll need to watch the Golden Knights during a live game, in-person or online.

The NFTs, which are free, offer a chance at some pretty intriguing experiences and items for fans, including on-ice photo opportunities, the chance to attend Golden Knights press conferences, and access to a luxury viewing lounge with incredible views of the team’s home arena as well as the Vegas strip.

Credit: Theta Labs

While the broader details are still under wraps, Jerry Kowal, Theta Labs head of content and NFTs, is excited about the potential of the partnership, which rewards the most engaged—and eagle-eyed—fans. “During select home games, fans—whether they are joining online or in person—will have the unique opportunity to claim exclusive NFTs at no cost during the match itself,” he told nft now.

“These NFTs will provide access to exclusive game tickets and VIP experiences, including opportunities for on-ice photo sessions, as well as the chance to take home autographed memorabilia such as sticks, pucks, jerseys, and much more. While we’re keeping the details under wraps for now, we encourage fans to remain vigilant during the game to take advantage of this exciting opportunity,” he added.

Users won’t need to tangle with a crypto wallet, seed phrase, or centralized exchange to grab one—they can sign up with an email address and password.

“This strategy is transforming the very essence of fan interaction.”

Mitch liu, theta labs ceo

Although it’s yet to be decided whether the NFTs will be tradeable, these offerings—with a direct relationship to real audiences—are designed to play a different role from the tokens we see traded on marketplaces daily. To Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs, they offer something unique to the fans who take the time to watch a game, in person or around the world.

“Our vision extends beyond offering unique experiences to broaden the team’s reach on a global scale. This strategy is transforming the very essence of fan interaction, paving new paths for monetization, and reshaping the global sports landscape,” he said in a statement.

Credit: Vegas Golden Knights

According to the Golden Knights, hockey is a huge market, captivating 17% of sports fans in the U.S. and 50% in Canada. There’s big money here, too; media rights revenue for the league surpassed one billion dollars in the 2023/24 season.

The Golden Knights are eager to connect with fans using digital collectibles—and see an opportunity in the future to expand revenue, not just reach.

“This partnership with Theta Labs allows us to offer unparalleled experiences and many more possibilities in the future. It’s an exciting new chapter in bringing our fans closer to the team and the game they love,” said Vegas Golden Knights President and CEO Kerry Bubolz in a statement.

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