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Phantom Wallet Now Lets You “Mint Moments” Into NFTs Instantly

BY Erika Lee

October 31, 2023

The world of NFTs has always revolved around buying, selling, and trading digital assets. However, the ability to effortlessly create NFTs and permanently store these digital treasures has remained a challenge for many, especially those who are just entering the space. Phantom Wallet’s new ‘Camera Mint’ feature aims to bridge this gap and empowers individuals to become creators in the NFT space.

Camera Mint is designed with simplicity in mind, enabling those with limited technical expertise to transform their photos, videos, and other digital media into NFTs. This feature not only represents a significant leap forward in the NFT world but also removes many barriers to entry for NFT creation.

In the past, creating NFTs often required a desktop computer and knowledge of platforms like Opensea or Magic Eden. However, Camera Mint will turn photos taken from a user’s camera and turn it into a NFT right away.

How it Works

With a few simple steps, users can upload a photo, video, meme, or even a tweet from their camera roll, add a name and description, and with a simple tap, their digital file becomes a Solana NFT. The minting process is completed in seconds and costs typically less than a dollar.

Users will then be able to see their NFT collections within the Phantom app’s ‘Collectibles’ tab, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Preserving Memories on the Blockchain

Camera Mint’s impact goes beyond the creation of digital assets. It introduces a new dimension to NFTs: personal memories. Users can now immortalize their most cherished moments on the blockchain.

The feature offers advanced metadata options and potential collaborations with creative platforms. In addition, Phantom is now rewarding users who try out this feature with complimentary commemorative NFTs. To claim a reward, go to Phantom’s Explore tab and click “Mint an NFT” quest. Then, press “Start.” After, select “Claim your Reward.” These collectibles serve as both incentives and keepsakes for those exploring the new feature.

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