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Slimesunday Creates ‘The Great Purge’ to Restore Early NFT Spirit

BY Erika Lee

August 17, 2023

As the digital world grapples with the challenges and potentials of NFTs in the current state of the market, Slimesunday has introduced a bold new initiative titled “The Great Purge.”

When Slimesunday first delved into NFTs in 2020, he observed and joined a burgeoning community of early adopters, artists, and innovators. These pioneers, including names like Pak, Coldie, Trevor Jones, Hackatao, Josie Bellini, XCOPY, and CryptoPunks creators Matt Hall and John Watkinson, were at the forefront, producing digital art that surpassed conventional platforms.

Slimesunday says he was deeply moved by witnessing these artists in action, understanding the revolutionary facet of NFTs well before they became popular.

“There was something profoundly wholesome about witnessing these artists operate ahead of the curve, grasping the transformative nature of this technology long before it became a buzzword,” he wrote in a Twitter post. “They were the trailblazers, laying the groundwork for the explosion of creativity and commerce that would follow in the years to come.”

However, as NFTs gained mainstream attention, Slimesunday noticed the landscape undergoing significant shifts. A new trend emerged with Profile Picture (PFP) projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club. These digital collectibles became status symbols and investment vehicles, capturing the attention of celebrities, influencers, and the media.

However, this surge in attention had its pitfalls. The once intimate and genuine community of original artists and enthusiasts rapidly transformed into a rapid, profit-centric market. NFTs started resembling stock market commodities, with hasty trades, swift turnovers for profits, and a deviation from their foundational artistic value.

A world that was once about innovation, creativity, and community suddenly had its values overshadowed by greed, deception, and short-term thinking.


Moreover, the influx of scams, imitations, and dubious projects exploited newcomers’ fresh, unchecked excitement. A world that was once about innovation, creativity, and community suddenly had its values overshadowed by greed, deception, and short-term thinking.

How “The Great Purge” Works

In response to these challenges, Slimesunday introduced “The Great Purge.” This artistic endeavor seeks to eradicate malicious actors from the domain, striving to resurrect the original values of integrity, imagination, and community that once epitomized the NFT universe.

You can participate in a symbolic cleansing of the space by burning some “worthless” NFTs from your wallet—those representing scams or failed projects. The purge will start on August 21.

In return, anyone participating will receive an NFT that stands for something more meaningful: a commitment to “quality, authenticity, and the original spirit of innovation.” Each NFT will be a Slimesunday artwork. The art has not been revealed at the time of publication.

Slimesunday tells nft now that it is not considered an open edition but a burn redeem.

“Anyone can participate, as long as you have NFTs in your wallet,” he said. “It will be through Manifold on BASE.”

Slimesunday intends to reiterate that NFTs are not fleeting trends or mere money-making tools. They represent groundbreaking technology with the potential to uplift artists, forge sincere relationships, and herald a new chapter in digital innovation. While participation in this initiative isn’t obligatory, Slimesunday expresses gratitude to those who deem it worthwhile and decide to contribute one of his artworks to the cause.

“There’s a massive quantity of NFTs that has been left behind by people who literally just disappeared after they made some money,” Slimesunday said. “Focus on the people who are still here actively trying to bring value and rid yourself of everyone who wronged you.”

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