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Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing: 5 Ways to Unlock Your Potential as a Web3 Creator

BY Erika Lee

July 14, 2023

Twitter has officially rolled out its new monetization strategy specifically tailored for its creators. Users from Web3 and beyond are already reaping benefits from this initiative, with some even sharing that they’ve earned tens of thousands of dollars.

Elon Musk shared in a tweet earlier in June that the first block payment totaled $5M.

Through ad revenue sharing with Twitter, this is a new avenue for creators to profit from their content. With monetary incentives now available, a growing number of users are crafting strategic plans to optimize their earnings from this unique prospect. Here’s what you need to know about how to qualify and how to make the most of monetization.

Minimum requirements

If you’re aiming to become eligible for Twitter’s creator ads revenue sharing, there are a few key criteria to meet.

Firstly, you must be subscribed to Twitter Blue or be part of Verified Organizations. You must also have garnered at least five million impressions on your posts each month for the past three months. Additionally, your account must pass a human review according to the Creator Monetization Standards.

Once approved, there are specific requirements to maintain your eligibility. You will need to create and connect a Stripe account, as Twitter has partnered with Stripe for the disbursement of payouts.

Start creating consistently

If your goal is to reach five million impressions per month on your content, it’s essential to start creating and publishing material regularly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of content, styles, or themes. While not everything will hit the mark right away, it’s through this process of trial and error that you’ll learn what your audience responds to the most.

Remember, every attempt, successful or not, provides valuable insights. Pay attention to feedback and analytics to understand which posts resonate most with your audience. Use these insights to refine your strategy and align your content creation with what your followers enjoy.

Consistency is also key. Regular posting helps keep your content fresh, your audience engaged, and increases your visibility on the platform, potentially reaching new viewers and boosting your overall impressions.

Grow your audience with Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is an exceptional tool for expanding your audience and garnering more impressions on your posts. By hosting or regularly participating in these live audio discussions, you can actively engage with your followers, build meaningful connections, and reach potential new followers.

The visibility gained from these spaces can significantly increase engagement. Twitter Spaces has proven to be a game-changing feature for many of the leading Web3 influencers, including Threadguy and Trevor Owens.

Connect and engage with other content creators

Actively engaging with other content creators, exchanging insights, or simply maintaining a consistent presence in conversations can significantly impact your online trajectory. These interactions enrich your perspective and broaden your reach, exposing your content to new audiences. This approach to growth is rooted in community, showcasing the power of collaboration in the expansive world of content creation.

Great examples of Web3 content creators who do this are Zaimiri, Alexjm, and Minister of NFTs, who are often seen replying and adding humor, value, and support to other users.

Create and share videos

According to popular Web3 creator NFT God, experimenting with video is one of the quickest ways to increase your impressions. This aligns with Twitter’s recent algorithm update, which appears to be favoring video content. Twitter has also recently rolled out an update that enables paid users to upload long-form videos of up to two hours. This allows creators to share more in-depth and engaging content, giving audiences more to interact with.

Therefore, capitalizing on video content could be a powerful strategy. Sharing engaging, relatable, or informative clips can spark conversation, encourage shares, and increase your reach. So don’t shy away from the video; embrace it, experiment with it, and watch your impressions grow.

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